Saturday, June 8, 2013


Tonight was Tim's company picnic at the Orange County fair grounds. We weren't able to go last year, so we were glad to get to attend this year, especially now that Ellie's big enough to participate in fun activities. And participate we did! We ate some fair food, we looked at the animals, we offered that she could get her face painted (she cried and said no) and we rode the carousel over and over and over again.

And I finally crossed something big off my bucket list, by entering the pie eating contest. I've always felt like I'd do well at competitive eating - I like to eat huge portions, I like to eat fast like the bowl is going to be ripped from me, and I hate to chew. I am basically a disgusting dinner date. BUT this makes me an excellent candidate for a pie eating contest.

So excellent in fact, that despite being the only contestant with a human baby sleeping in a carrier on their chest, I WON!

I got a sweet trophy and bragging rights!

Adam slept through the whole thing, no joke. Ellie cried through it, first because she wanted to come sit with me, and then because she's a toddler and likes to cry (when I asked her what was wrong afterwards, she wept about being too little to go on the giant slide.) Though sometime in the middle she told Tim "mommy needs a napkin" because we had to eat the whole thing without using our hands.

I am the one in the middle, looking like I'd like to die, and cradling the head of an infant. He's a useless team mate.

Shortly after my victory, I had to detour to the restroom, sick as a dog (so attractive!) but I managed to rally to rejoin the family, and to take Ellie on the ferris wheel.
She loved it! It almost made up for the fact that she was too little for the slide rides. Better luck next year kid!

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