Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three Months.

How is it possible that our little Piglet-Pooglet Pork Roast is three months already? We survived another newborn period! To be honest, I was terrified of having another newly borned, but he has been a dream come true. I couldn't ask for a better sleeper or a nicer snuggler. And I couldn't have predicted that Elizabeth would be such a wonderful, exuberant sweetheart of a big sister. We are a very, very lucky little family.

At three months, he is starting to be really fun. He's smiling a lot, and though he hasn't come out with a full out laugh, he does this little chuckle from time to time. He's recognizing the faces of his family and reacting to us, which is so fun after surviving the blob weeks. He especially loves the picture of the three of us in our living room. The only fussing we hear is related to hunger or exhaustion, and the occasional dirty diaper. I feel like we've gotten in a pretty good routine - he's up around 7, eats and plays, then we go for a walk (usually he naps, sometimes he grouses, but we're always going, dang it!) Mid-morning he naps on me, usually because we're out and about, and I can get him to take a nap at the same time as Ellie in the afternoons if I'm lucky. Then he usually takes an early evening cat nap in the Moby wrap. He's still in his bassinet at night, but no longer swaddled (just in a sleep sack) but this weekend we're going to try going straight in the crib - wish us luck! We all adore him and his sweet little face.

His hair is falling out rapidly, which is sort of alarming to me since Ellie never really lost her newborn hair. It thinned, but not in the same way as Adam's - when he's snuggled up against me I find hair in my mouth. He's worse than our dang cats!

For our big fun today I went and got copies of his birth certificate. Now he's ready to go to Wisconsin!

Check out that saaaaa-weet bald spot. That's where his head rests against me when he's in the Moby/Ergo. So it's true what they say, baldness does come from the mother's line.

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