Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting Grandma Rosie!

Grandma Rosie is here safe and sound, and finally got a chance to meet her first great grandson. They are pals, as you can see.

And of course, little hambone Ellie has been joining in the fun. We're so glad to have Grandma Rosie here for  a few days, and for the upcoming baptism.

Tim has today and tomorrow off, which is good because our house is a wreck inside and out. We spent most of the morning cleaning and I was feeling a bit ashamed about the state of things, and then I remembered Ellie's baptism - I hired a company to come clean the house because it felt like I'd never be able to do it myself, and my mom made all the food for the party. I'm not sure what we did with the yard, it probably just looked like crap (per usual, we are terrible home owners.) So in comparison, the fact that the floors were in dire need of a wet mop doesn't seem so bad. Tomorrow I will venture to Costco during nap time and stuff my cart with goodies. I will say, cleaning is easier with Pork Roast. Recall that Ellie could not be put down without screaming, and she didn't sleep very long during the day. Today I got the floors swept and mopped while Adam cooed at me from his bouncer providing I stayed in his sight and sang about how I was mopping my way back to you babe, with a burning love inside...

Tonight we all went out for dinner and Ellie was mostly well behaved because we told her we'd stop by the park on the way home if she was good at listening and didn't whine. We decided to let Adam try the swing for the first time.

The tiny muffin is not quite sure what to do with himself

Ellie is quite enjoying herself though!

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