Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Just some disjointed and random thoughts about the kiddos.

Adam is growing like a weed. He's solidly in all of his three month clothes, and some of his 3-6 month outfits. Some of the 3 month items are even a little too small! I forgot how fast babies require wardrobe changes. It's nice that we have several friends with baby boys, so when I'm done with stuff, I can just pack it up and move it out.

He smiles quite a lot, and coos often. He's generally a pretty happy little boy - willing to play in his play mat while I'm doing things around the house, very entertained by his sister, pretty flexible about letting everyone else hold him. He's begun to find and suck on his hands, which is great. Perhaps this time I will get a baby capable of self soothing! Mostly sleeping through the night, and would sleep all day in the Moby wrap, otherwise naps are sort of hit or miss, and sometimes I end up just sleeping in the recliner with him after he eats at 4am. He loves to be rocked and I love to sleep, so it all (sort of) works out.

His only real fault is that he doesn't care too much for the car seat or the stroller, which, tough nuggets to him, because we have places to go, people to see and walks to take for my sanity. I make sure he's clean and fed and drowsy and then hope for the best. Or walk incredibly fast so that I can get him home as soon as possible. He's like a terrible, mean, screaming personal trainer.

Meanwhile, Ellie continues to be obsessed with him. She likes to hand him toys in the car and snuggle with him whenever possible. Now that we've settled into our new family life (and now that I am not so stressed) her behavior has improved quite a bit in terms of time out worthy offenses. Sometimes she's so sweet that it just kills me - she'll demand to give me a huge hug while I'm putting her in the car and then say "I'm squeezing you to keep you safe!" Monday was Gigi and Grizz's anniversary and we bought them a card, and when she went over the first thing out of her mouth (unprompted) was "happy anniversary Grizz!" Then I prompted her to say "this place is a dump!" because they are having their plumbing redone and have lots of holes in the ceiling. And because I love the phrase "this place is a dump."

She's so imaginative and funny. She'll go on some big tangential story (wonder where she gets that from) and then at the end say "it's true!" Lately she's been telling me that we need to go to the zoo, and that we need to get a swingset for our house. I have no idea where she comes up with these ideas (the zoo we can do. We are not getting a swingset.) On our morning walks she likes to bring her binoculars (two toilet paper tubes taped together) and look for bunnies. She tells me she's going to grab one and pet it and it will be her friend. And it's going to be pink! There is also a lot of dancing around the house, and running naked whenever possible. I love how she says "neck-a-lace" and "oat-a-meal." Her new favorite food is fruit snacks (bunny shaped, of course) and she tries to weasel them into being a breakfast food. The good news is she LOVES vegetables - the other day she ate two ears of corn for dinner (one cooked, one not) and if we have broccoli with a meal, I usually end up having to make her eat a bite of meat before I'll get her more broccoli.

We have still made no progress towards potty training, which is frustrating. It's something on my list of things to tackle this summer, but she shows ZERO desire to even try to use the toilet, and right now it's not a fight I'm ready to fight. It's going to be embarrassing when she's twelve and wearing diapers to sleep overs, I guess.

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