Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That's Great & All, But What About the Baby?

I thought I would take a moment from all of the trip-related discussion to tell you about my darling little baby.

It's amazing to me that I'm already into the sixth month. I feel so lucky that things have gone so well so far - I was never sick during the first trimester (though there were definitely a few times where the smell of someone or something made me gag. Thanks, public transportation!) and thus far, I am still sleeping 8 hours straight without getting up to pee, I'm not swollen in my hands or feet (I already have the beautiful Thiel calves and cankles, so I'm set there!) and I don't feel like my belly is big or cumbersome. Other than some small aches and pains a month or so back when my stomach was really stretching, it's really been all smooth sailing.

However, I am starting to get to the point where my belly sometimes gets in my way, which surprises me every time. For example - rubbing lotion on to my feet at night is becoming more and more of a challenge (guess I'll just have to make Tim give me regular foot massages!) And when we were in Palo Alto, I was trying to lean over to zip Jake's suit into our suit bag and grunting as I did it, because I just can't lean over as far as I used to without the belly pushing up against my lungs. Also, I am realizing that sitting down in our shower to shave my legs is going to become a liability pretty soon - there's nothing on the inside of the shower that I could use to hoist myself back up, unless I install some sort of rope and pulley system. Or perhaps buy myself a plastic lawn chair for the shower (cheaper than re-doing the whole bathroom!)

It's nice though, to feel like I'm finally showing. For the longest time, I felt like I just looked like a chubbikins (Dad calling me fattie at every turn was probably not helping) but my belly is poking out enough in a way that makes it pretty clear that there is another human being in there, not just an order of chili cheese fries. When we were in the hotel this weekend, one of the staff members asked me if I was having a boy or a girl. Jake says I should have acted outraged and said "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat, how dare you!" but really, I could have hugged the woman for being the first to notice my babyness.

The best thing about being 2/3rds of the way done is how active the baby is. I feel her kick every day, several times a day. I can't tell exactly what she's up to, but she's up to something. The good news is that she's just in my abdomen - I haven't gotten kicked in the ribs or the bladder yet, which I hear is less than awesome. Mostly she's around my belly button, though occasionally she'll be over on one side or the other. Tim feels her kick almost every day now. Last night I was laying on the couch and I asked if he wanted to see if she'd kick. She hadn't been very active in the preceding minutes, but a few seconds after he put his hand down she walloped him a big one. She also kicks a lot right when I lay down to go to bed, which I hear is normal. Sometimes, I suspect it's because I'm still laying on my stomach, and she's getting squished. I just poke her and tell her to move while she's still got the room to scoot.

Size-wise, the internet says she's already a foot long from head to heel. She's over a 16 oz now, or as Jake helpfully pointed out "about as big as a good sized steak." At my last doctor's appointment the ultrasound tech said Sequins was right on target in terms of size - I'll be interested to see at our next appointment if she's bigger or smaller than normal. Everyone keeps joking that she's going to be a huge hoss, just like her parents, but I keep feeling like she's going to be on the regular to small sized. I guess because I just don't picture myself being 42 weeks pregnant come October (then again, most women don't hope that they'll be carrying a giant belly for several extra days.)

Sometimes, I still can't believe that I'm actually pregnant. The other thing that boggles my mind is the fact that at the end of all this, I will have a little daughter that's going to come home and live with me, and who I will have to raise and worry about for the rest of my natural life. I think that once August comes and I'm done with work and busy setting up the nursery, researching more about the actual labor and delivery and washing all of those cute little clothes we've already bought her, it'll seem more real. But until then, it's been a good ride so far! And of course, we can't wait to meet her and see her little face.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bobert and Nancy Are Wed!

We've almost made it through the month of June, which means that I've officially survived my four solid weekends of craziness. And I'm officially six months pregnant and cruising towards the third trimester. The fact that I am absolutely exhausted is definitely a little from column a, a little from column b.

Friday morning we flew up to the Bay Area for Bob and Nancy's wedding. Bob and Tim lived together during their last years at UCLA (Tim took six years to graduate; Bob took eight.) You may also remember Bob and Nancy as our faithful adventuring companions in Scotland back in 2008. Anyways - Bobert finally proposed to Nancy and the wedding was on Saturday. A funny story about Bob and Nancy: they went to the same high school but are a few years apart. They met again in college through everyone's mutual friend Adi (who also brought Tim and I together.) I was in Toronto at the time, and I'd called my long-distance boyfriend Tim to hear about his weekend. He told me about going to a party at Adi's house, where Bob had met this girl Nancy. And they'd all stayed up talking until four in the morning, talking, Tim, Bob and Nancy. Apparently Bob and Nancy really hit it off! When he told me this, I said, "you are the worst wingman in the entire world! If Bob hit it off with this girl, why didn't you leave them alone together?" His brilliant response? "I was Bob's ride home!" Because you know, Bob and Adi lived close to an entire mile apart! Thankfully, Bob and Nancy overcame Tim's idiocy. Also funny: at the time, Bob gave Tim a lot of garbage for being in a long-distance relationship. Until he met a girl who was going to school in the Bay Area. Then it was cool to retreat to your room to call your girlfriend and whisper sweet nothings!

So, we traveled with Jacob in tow. My two husbands are excellent traveling companions. They are docile and quiet, they carry my bags and they deal with driving. In return, I just have to be responsible for planning the trip, paying for tickets, printing boarding passes and keeping our itinerary. And packing.

We had a good flight up and were able to check into our hotel early. After a four am wakeup, I went back to sleep for an hour and half until we met up with the bridal party for a welcome lunch. It sort of set the tone for the weekend - at every turn Bob and Nancy were so sweet and hospitable and making sure we had a nice time. We basically didn't need to think about meals or entertainment all weekend long.

Tim and I were both in the wedding - he was a groomsman and I read e.e. cummings "i carry your heart" during the ceremony. We went to the rehearsal at the Stanford Cathedral (so incredibly beautiful) and then the rehearsal dinner, which was at a local diner and very kickback. It was nice to see groups of friends we haven't really seen since college (or since our wedding, when most of the boys were drunk) and catch up with everyone.

Saturday morning we went over to Bob and Nancy's hotel at 8am so the boys could get ready together. I helped tie ties and fasten vests and pin on flowers, and then we were all downstairs for the trolley ride to the church (so cute!) Nancy looked absolutely beautiful and we were all just having a good time hanging out together. They got most of the photos out of the way before the ceremony and then it was go time! They had a pretty traditional ceremony and it was just perfect. I cried a little during my reading (I am SUCH a sap!) and then one of their friends put together a poem about Bob and Nancy based on quotes from their friends. It was so sincere and spot on and wonderful. Then there was kissing and man and wifing! And Tim walked back down the aisle with Adi, the bridesman. Truly touching.

The reception was at a historic mansion, and it was beautiful beyond belief. They had passed appetizers and open bar and really good strawberry lemonade. We went in to lunch around 1:30 and started with soup, salad and really sweet speeches. It was a great party, overall. Food was good, dancing was fun, and there was both cake AND pie! We got back on the trolley around 5:30 and headed back to the Four Seasons. Tim and I changed into comfy clothes and then the party of college-friends basically crashed out by the pool. We ordered pizza, there was a guy with a bottle of bourbon and a flask of water (ick) and people were just sitting around, talking trash and having a good time. We eventually ended up back in the honeymoon suite, until Bob and Nancy kicked us out around 11. Downstairs, some of the boys were having a drinking contest at the bar, and others were outside smoking, so it was me and my tired belly's cue to leave (thankfully, my entourage of nice boys was not wasted or stupid.)

Yesterday morning we had a dim sum brunch as a last hurrah. We didn't fly home until 6, so we had a few hours to kill. We went to a Borders in downtown Palo Alto to laze around, I got a pedicure and also explored a fabulous local vintage store (didn't buy any treasures though.) We ended up spending time back with Bob and Nancy in their hotel room (where we found out our flight was delayed) and then thankfully, got to the airport and home okay. I am still feeling pretty pooped today. Mama can't party the way she used to! This whole growing another human life thing... it can be a lot of work!

Here are the gentlemen that I dressed. Roger, Timmy Joe, Adi, Bob and his brother/best man Stephen.

The lovely couple during their vows.

The new Mr. and Mrs. on the trolley ride to the reception. Please note that Tim is still trying to horn in on their conversation!

At the reception. Andy (back row) was my new BFF. He said "Bob and Nancy told me I'd like you. They said 'you'll like Meg, she swears like a sailor.'"

Not my picture, but a shot of the head table. It was SUCH a nice wedding.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Farmer in the Dell.

Many newsy tidbits for y'all today.

I spent this past Saturday night in a tent, helping one of my very best girlfriends celebrate her 30th birthday. She'd bought herself a tent and wanted to camp out somewhere, so at the last minute we were able to get a reservation at Irvine Lake in Silverado Canyon. After a delicious meal of Mexican food we headed over to the site, pitched our tent and settled in to goof off, hike around, and then play Scrabble by flashlight. We didn't totally follow the rules or keep score, but after she started drinking, I definitely started winning! The night in the tent was pretty okay - it definitely fit us both, I had an air mattress, and I was plenty warm in our sleeping bag, which is an ancient, down-filled mummy-style sleeping bag that Tim used as a Boy Scout (I also suspect it hasn't been pulled out of its bag since the last Boy Scout jamboree. But it didn't smell or anything, which is all I ask.)

Here I am checking in with Tim before bed.

Sunday morning we walked around the park a little - it's definitely more for fishers and boaters than hikers and campers, but it was still a nice time, and then we had a great afternoon together before she headed home and I headed over to mom and dad's to await their return from sailing. They came back a little sunburnt but no worse for wear. Good old Capt. Stubing, he got them home safely. We didn't have a very big celebration, but I think Dad felt nice that Sara and I were so eager for him to get home and allow us to fete him. Baby Sequins signed the card for her grandpa. And her daddy as well - I didn't see Tim until after 9, but I can assure you, the baby picked him a couple of good presents, and I told him how very nice he is and how excited I am to see him as a father.

In other news, Tim and I are growing some of our own food! Sure, mom planted most of the plants, but I haven't killed them yet, and that to me is a fairly big accomplishment. In our front yard, we have tomaters, lemons and oranges. Only the tomaters are mature enough to be giving us food yet, and last night I picked my very first tomato! It was a thing of beauty. I put it on the counter over night, and intended to use it for dinner tonight. Except, when I got home, it wasn't there. I called mom and accused her of stealing my "harvest," thinking maybe she saw it, thought "Meg doesn't really like tomatoes" and took it for herself (I do like tomatoes, but it's a very recent development.) She hadn't taken it, and a minute later, I found it on the floor, where Thor had moved it. BAD THORY. We had it with dinner tonight and it was absolutely delicious.

On the side yard, we have two peach trees that were planted before we moved in. However, neither of them had been very well cared for in recent years obviously and mom advised me to have them ripped out (especially because we couldn't tell from their scraggly stumps what kind of fruit they were going to bear.) When Ricardo checked them out, he said they were both peaches, and that with a little TLC they'd bear fruit. Since I have been known to eat enough stone fruit on Monday to make myself sick, and then start over eating them again on Tuesday morning, there was no way I was having them ripped out. One tree has really grown and is absolutely exploding with fruit. The peaches aren't huge, but some of them were really starting to get ripe, so tonight we did a little picking.

We also had to get to work because one of the branches had broken under its own weight. So we picked the ripe ones off the rest of the tree (except for the ones on the very top. I must admit, I did consider climbing the tree to get to them. Yes, I realize I'm pregnant, so I stayed on the ground. And cried!) We also picked the biggest ones off the broken branch before we threw the rest away.

LOOK AT OUR HARVEST! I am going to make myself absolutely sick in the coming weeks, I can see it.

Some of you may be asking, Meg, how are your cat children? They are good, thank you. The newspapers over the sliders has really helped Thor calm down. He's simply unable to get nose to nose with Jonesy, so there's a lot fewer opportunities for freaking - only when the glass doors are open can they see one another, and the doors are only open when Tim and I are home. So when we catch Jonesy sniffing around, we can just close the glass. I'm also hoping Jonesy will eventually get bored of our yard and move along, but I don't think so. He's such a little turd! Now he's started to hiss at me through the glass. He doesn't realize I'm many times his size and not scared of him. I'd never hurt him, but I'm not afraid to give him a little kick in the ass or a spray with the hose. Today he hissed at me and I grabbed my water spray bottle from under the sink and gave him a squirt. He ran away like a little bitch (he's even more scared of the water bottle than Thory!)

The last thing I would like to share with you (for now) is this great video that a friend of Andrew and Lydia's put together about their wedding. It's only about 5 minutes long, and it's super cute. Trust me - I know you don't know the bride and groom, but this will make you smile. I also LOVE the song featured at the end. It's called "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I downloaded it yesterday, and I've listened to it probably 25 times between then and now. It makes me want to dance around. Which is good, because Sequins can now hear music AND sense me moving around. I hope she knows how much this family loves singing and dancing!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Again, Home Again!

We all made it home safe and sound! Tim managed to get back to the OC on Monday (after I had to take him to the airport at 6am!) and the rest of us Thiels had an uneventful trip home on Tuesday.

It was such a nice, family-centered trip. Grandpa was in good spirits the whole time (except for missing Ardies breakfast on Saturday) and seems to be doing well. Grandma is chugging along and while she is constantly worrying about her husband needs to rest, she seems to think that none of those dictates about slowing down and taking a break apply to her (even though she is in fact... MARRIED TO A YOUNGER MAN, ooooh lala!)

Baby Sequins seemed to enjoy Wisconsin as well. In the week that I was there, I really started feeling her kick and punch on a more regular basis. It used to be that maybe once a day, after dinner, if I sat really quietly on the couch, I could feel her rumble around. Over the past week, as long as I'm sitting, she's kicking (especially if I've just eaten, which is apparently normal - not just for babies with the Thiel "lay off me, I'm starving!" gene.) There's also been more than one occasion where I look down and realize I can see her pushing through my skin, which is still amazing to me. Last night Tim was around when it happened and she got 4-5 good kicks in under his palm.

And oh, the baby shower that the Thiel ladies threw for Sequins and I? It was the sweetest thing you've ever seen. It was so above and beyond anything I was expecting. The gift "theme" was childrens books, which I absolutely love. Books are my personal favorite thing to give babies (I also like to write on the card "I hope she hasn't read this one already") and they are my favorite thing to look at when I'm out shopping for my little nugget. I got some great classics and some I've never seen before (but upon review, am in love with.) Her little bookshelf is filling up fast! As is her dresser, of course. Kate was kind enough to bring over Hailee's old clothes and let me sort through for a few outfits. I ended up coming home with a whole other suitcase filled with books, clothes, and the dismantled diaper cake. It was so great - my aunts and grandma are the best (Kari is okay too.)

Being back at work hasn't been too bad. Funny - yesterday was "dump the pump" day and metrolink was encouraging everyone to take public transportation. Too bad the morning trains were 15 minutes late and the evening ones over an hour delayed. I think the only one taking a dump that day was metrolink service. Today our office got dismissed at 3, to avoid the crazy traffic surrounding downtown due to the Lakers game. I grabbed our CFO, who is also a commuter, and convinced him that he definitely wanted to book it to Union Station to try to catch the 3:20 (we made it!) Now I'm sitting around with Sequins, waiting for the boys to come over and watch the Laker game. Me and all of my husbands - Tim, Jacob and Ed. Ed's girlfriend Erlynn just graduated from Ohio State and tonight is her first night back. Why she is spending it with us, I am not sure, but you know - the bond between Ed and Tim is very strong and beautiful!

This weekend mom and dad are going sailing. And to think, I was going to take dad for a REALLY FANCY Father's Day brunch (just kidding, no I wasn't.) Sara's going to be hanging out with us for part of it, and hopefully I will get a chance to lay around a bit with my kitty friends.

True story - I woke up this morning and realized that Lulu was laying with her head on a corner of my pillow. When she saw that my eyes were opened, she reached forward and put her paw on my face. Someone loves her mommy, it's true. It's also yet another reason that we won't be cosleeping with Baby Sequins - I already have a bed buddy who's under 15 pounds. But unlike a baby, if she bothers me, I can push her onto the floor (when Tim bothers me, I hold his nose shut.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Despite the rain, we've been able to do some serious celebrating of our favorite patriarch. Everyone arrived in La Crosse safe and sound, and I personally have been eating all of the dairy products I can get my hands on, as fast as I can get my hand to my mouth.

Yesterday we did a family portrait session. Highlights included the older generation of Thiel kids busting up in their picture when I suggested that we get a shot of dad and Uncle John shaking hands like they'd never met before (a la my wedding) and John then following up with "how do, how do." The photographer had to tell them to get it together. Also funny - Hailee wandering in and hamming it up during John and Betty's pictures together.

Last night we went to Drugans for dinner, home of the salad boat shaped like a Viking ship and then back over to Uncle John and Aunt Betty's for some delicious cake and some seriously hilarious birthday cards. We also snuck in a Father's Day card that has a great homage to Grandpa's road rage. Then followed it up with our impressions of Grandpa in his days behind the wheel. I think David got the biggest hit with "the sign says stop, not park."

Tim is heading back to Mission Vee-jo today to get back to work tomorrow. He's going over to his mom's to watch the Laker game this evening (and probably discuss how crazy his inlaws are, and clutch at his mommy's skirt and beg her to never let him be sent away again!) I'm sure the kitties will welcome his return. He'll probably get his face stepped on 10-15 times tonight.

Today the ladies are celebrating Baby Sequins with my first baby shower. I'm so excited! And in the meanwhile, have to take my old man to the airport and wave a hankie while he heads off.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For the past month or so, I have been thinking every day about how I can't wait to see my Baby Sequins again. Today was our Level 2 ultrasound, FINALLY. For the level 2, I had to meet with the ultrasound tech (instead of just our doctor) who uses a higher resolution machine to check out the baby. The level 2 allows you to look at the baby's spine, heart and brain, and is usually where they screen for possible birth defects like spina bifida, heart problems, brain deformities and problems with internal organs.

Tim came with me, because he is supportive, and because he is also interested in the healthy development of our little muffin. The appointment was at 1. At 1:15 they took us back and I did the usual weight, blood pressure, pee in the cup routine. And then we sat in an exam room for almost 40 minutes, waiting for the doctor. Wait, it gets better. He comes in and asks if we've had the ultrasound yet, and I say no. Apparently, I made it on his schedule, but not on the techs. GREAT. He leaves the room to see if they can squeeze us in, and of course, I start to cry. I just wanted to see her so badly! I wanted to be able to go to Wisconsin with a handful of high resolution photos, and more importantly, the knowledge that she was developing normally. I am a worrywart, I admit it.

He came back and said the u/s tech would take us next. And then told me to stop crying. =)

It was good because then we got a chance to ask him more questions - as long as my blood pressure stays okay he says there's no reason I can't travel to Chicago for Kate's wedding in September. However, because my pressure is high in his office, he seems to feel that I won't make it to 40 weeks - he keeps talking like I'll be induced or have a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can do this naturally, but of course, I just want a healthy baby at the end. We have learned the hard way in the past week that pre-eclampsia is basically a horrible nightmare, so I am willing to do whatever it takes.

Carrie, the fabulous u/s tech took us back and gelled up my belly and there Baby Sequins was, live and in action. I began crying again, of course. She's absolutely beautiful and right on track in terms of her growth and development. Most importantly, all of her little organs are developing perfectly - her brain, her spine, her heart, her kidneys, her bladder. Her heartbeat is strong, and at 162 beats per minute. She's already learned how to swallow in there (her bladder has fluid in it) and she had her little hands up by her face (which made me laugh, because Tim had been saying that he bet that she'd be in there staring at her hands, amazed at her own development, like someone high on drugs. "Whoa... dude... look at my HANDS!")

We didn't get a clear profile shot, but man, it was so cute to look at all of her little parts. It's amazing that the blob on my 7 week ultrasound photo now has hands and feet and knees and a nose. We also reconfirmed that she is most certainly a girl, but out of respect for her privacy, I shan't be posting a picture of her business.

I know what you're thinking... enough with the words Ford, where are the pictures! We came for the pictures! Ask and ye shall receive.

Here's her little skull and spine.

I can't wait to nibble on her little piddies and teach her how this one went to market and this one cried wee wee wee all the way home!

Here she is, being defiant and refusing to roll towards the camera for her profile photo. She's trying to wave us off. You can also see her round little belly and her thigh.

So, tomorrow we're off to Wisconsin, FINALLY! I cannot wait to eat Culvers and see the green, green grass and ride around on Uncle John's lawnmower.

I even bought a carrier for all of my prenatals!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Dry Heat.

June is busting out all over! Which means of course, that the Fords are traveling all over.

This weekend we were off to Arizona for Tim's friend and former coworker Andrew's wedding. Tim and Andrew worked together at EA, along with many of the other nerds we know and love. On Friday night, we rounded up some of those nerds and headed out for Tempe, AZ. We left around 7:30. I brought a pillow and a blanket and most importantly, dad's noise canceling headphones, to drone out the nerd talk in the car.

After a few tears over Coach Wooden's passing in the car, I passed out around 10:30 and woke up as we were pulling off the freeway. It wasn't a bad drive, but it wasn't that comfortable either. We checked in and then basically checked out for some super sleeping.

Saturday morning we met for breakfast, and managed to run into the Wang family in the dining room. It was nice to say hi to Andrew on his big day and meet his parents and brothers. We'd driven with nerd friends Ed and Josh, and Matt, nerd friend who now lives in North Carolina had flown in and was able to join us for breakfast.

The wedding was at 1:30 on Saturday, so we cleaned up and hung out in our hotel room for a bit (watching John Wooden coverage) before leaving for the church. I had not really expected for Phoenix to be as hot as it was... and man, it was hot. It was over 100 degrees on Saturday! Thankfully, everything was indoors and air conditioned.

Lydia and Andrew both have big families and a lot of family friends, so the church was full. Andrew cried like a baby at the sight of his beautiful bride, and barely made it through his vows. He cried even harder than Tim! After a very nice ceremony, there was a cake and punch reception in the fellowship hall and once the photos were over (...and hour and a half later) Dr. and Mr. Wang came in and cut the cake and tossed their boquets and garters. By then it was 3:30ish and I was starting to feel a might peckish, so we skedaddled back to the hotel and I guzzled some water and took an hour nap.

Refreshed, I rejoined the nerds and we headed out for the reception at a local restaurant. Lydia is Chinese, and Andrew is half-Chinese, so they had a big traditional Chinese banquet. A lot of speeches, a lot of prayers (both dads are ministers), a LOT of food. Including a fish with his head still on. Always makes me a little uncomfortable when my food tries to stare me down. We had a really nice time with everyone, and then afterwards, in the 95 degree heat (a dry heat, you know) the boys decided they needed to go into the pool. Unfortunately, not all the boys had suits, so we went to a local Walmart and screwed around, buying junk food, booze drinks and bathing suits (I bought a plastic bracelet in Bruin colors.)

By the time we got back to the hotel it was almost 10, so the boys got in their suits, grabbed their beers and floated around. I dipped my toes into the pool, but was in bed and asleep before midnight. Baby Sequins and I had had enough fun for the day!

This morning I dragged the boys out of bed and we got ready to head out. We dropped Matt back at the airport and grabbed breakfast at the Waffle House. Ed was very familiar with the Waffle House from the midwest, and told us that it wasn't a real Waffle House experience unless the waitress dropped your food, brought your food twice, or was clearly on the drugs. Right after he said that, our waitress (who was very sweet, truly) came over with our breakfast... and dropped my hashbrowns on the floor. NO, MY PRECIOUS CHEESE AND JALAPENO HASHBROWNS!

It took us much longer to drive home than it did to drive to AZ, probably because I was awake and wanted to stop and look at things. The car was hot as heck until I finally took my pillowcase off the pillow and stuck it over my window (where the sun was streaming in.) I felt like a toddler doing it, but Ed and I both agreed that it made the backseat instantly cooler. Any time Tim or Josh would try to turn down the AC, they'd get a complaint from the backseat. Sorry your arms are cold buddies, but we are sweating bullets back here!

Our best stop was in Quartzsite, AZ. We needed gas and the boys were interested in buying snacks and DQ Blizzards. I discovered that there was a bead and jewelry store, and of course darted across the road to browse (cleverly leaving the phone in my car so Tim couldn't call and tell me to get my butt back.) I bought some beads and a bracelet. And then the boys joined me for the trading post type store, which had a bear in the world's best squash blossom necklace. Check him, he even has a fierce anklet.

The store featured a lot of dead things.

We also stopped outside of Palm Desert to visit some sweet dinosaurs, and check out the gift store.

After that, a stop at Del Taco (not pictured) and one more gas stop before we finally made it home. Compared to Phoenix, Mission Vee-jo feels cold and rainy.

Now, one day of work in LA, one day of working from home (and my level 2 ultrasound to check out my beautiful baby girl) and then we're off to Wisconsin! Makes me glad that I am apparently awesome at being pregnant and not uncomfortable yet at all. Bring on the frequent flier miles!

Josh, Matt, Tim and Ed at the airport. Not pictured: Andrew or his wedding. Matt had a way better camera, so I am counting on his photos to document the magic.