Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Epic Kitty Battle!

Click HERE and enjoy the Thor, Lulu and Jonesy show. It happens every day, beginning between 7:30 and 8:30 am, and ending whenever Jonesy flounces off. Oh kitties... it's good to have a hobby, but fighting through the glass is not as good for you as reading or knitting.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Extravaganza.

We are on the backside of the holiday fun, and just looking forward to a couple of days of relaxing. Both Tim and I received paid vacation from our employers, which is awesome. I was saying to someone that it's one thing to go on vacation over the holidays, but it's another thing to have your office closed. When the office closes, it's easier to lounge around, because there's less worry about someone sending you a big stinky turd of an email, or a "when you get back, I have a hot potato burning on your desk" type assignment. It's much easier to just kick back, knowing that the CEO is doing the same.

So let's see. We celebrated Don's 64th birthday on the 23rd (verdict: we will still need him, we will still feed him, and were are working on the grandchildren for his knee.) Santa came to visit all of the little kids, and unlike last year when Tim, Jake and I had to try to convince Carter that sitting on Santa's lap was the cool thing to do, this year all of the kiddos were all about hanging with Santa. I didn't even get to sit on his lap this year! I made a cake and cookies for the party - thank goodness for my fancy new baked goods carriers.

On Christmas Eve I went to zumba with mom in the morning, and then came home for a nap. We went over around three for apps, drinks and chatting. My friend Lauren drove down from LA to join us, and Sara managed to hold on until she arrived, about 6:30ish. We had some really nice present opening.

Grandma and Grandpa are beginning to gift away some of the things they'd like to share with their children and grandchildren, and Grandma asked that I take pictures of the show. So here you go. Here is Sara in her new apron (all of the girls got them this year, except for me, because she'd already made me one. I have a table runner now in matching fabric.)

Here is dad opening his card from G&G

Here is his first gift - a commemorative coin from the 1995 Special Olympics World Games. Tim asked if Eunice Shriver was on the face of the coin.

It was, and then dad nearly died laughing.

He also received his great-grandpa's pocketwatch. It's over 100 years old and started up right away after being wound.

Tim with his drill set, and Lauren with her fabulous scarf.

Christmas morning I made pancakes for Lauren and Tim, and then mom and dad stopped over with our stockings from Santa. We went over to the Fockers for present opening, and then to Cathy and Evan's for Christmas with the Ford Hoard (I know they're actually Smiths, but Smith doesn't rhyme with anything useful.)

Cathy and Evan have acquired a trampoline since the last time I was there. How interesting! I spent a lot of time hopping with the little girls. Mary kept on yelling at me for bouncing her, but I can't help it - she needs to gain a little weight. I really wanted to see if I could still do a flip or two, but I didn't want the little girls to see me and attempt it themselves. Plus Eileen was watching me like a hawk, knowing my history of trampoline injuries. I am a cautionary tale.

Tim went down to Murrieta on Christmas night to hang out with his cousins and play video games. I hung out with mom and we went to see Nine. Today Tim and I met up for brunch with a college friend of mine and her husband Tim, and now we are home being lazy. It is as it should be!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sandy Paws says "I am going to scratch your freaking eyes out! I mean... Merry Christmas."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I know, I know, I am a terrible blog-lady, and you all want the hot details of Big Tim's 30th birthday housewarming party.

The sad thing is, I didn't take any pictures. I do however, have these two, which my friend took during the day. One is of me in a dress up empress crown (the sweater and necklace were what I was wearing just as part of my regular wardrobe) and a picture of Tim in the birthday crown I made him (thanks for the inspiration, Auntie Lisa.)

Can you tell I used a special new face brightening primer under my makeup? I didn't think so.

Tim's crown featured LOLcats, a sexy picture of Bill Gates, shots of various video games, some binary, and computer pieces that his friends generously donated to the cause. Thanks, nerds. I made him wear the crown throughout the day to impress our guests. Eileen actually deigned to kiss his ring, he looked so official. The crown made him so tall that he had to duck under doors.

Suffice to say, the party was good. We had guests in and out from 11:30 in the morning until I booted everyone at 11:30 at night. At one point, around dinner time, we had about 45 people running through the house (it was mostly the toddlers running.) Miracle of miracles, nothing was broken (though my guest toilet apparently isn't used to being flushed so much - we have the Onalaska Branch of Thiel & Sons Home Repair looking into possible causes before the California supervisor and I try to take the toilet off and replace the wax seal) and nothing was spilled on the new carpet. People were good sports about the no shoes rule in the house, which was especially good given the rain.

We had a great time! It was so good to see everyone and the house felt very warmed. We feel so lucky to be well loved by so many. It was especially awesome of Grandma to make the trek out to celebrate with us. Tim and his nerds got to see the new Medal of Honor trailer premiere (the game Tim was working on before he left EA) and Servite won the CIF championship game. What more could a boy ask for? Oh yes, he also got a PS3 and some new Blu-Ray movies.

On Friday night we'd gone to Tim's company party. We carpooled with his former EA coworker turned new Blizzard coworker Ed, and Ed's girlfriend Erlynn. They are awesome - we love them. Ed especially cracks me up because he is like if Tim and Jake had a baby together, but he is also from Ohio, so he understands my midwestern-ness. Also, I can boss him around because he doesn't know sometimes when I'm kidding.

The party was fun, though we didn't know very many people. I dressed up gaudily and then ate a lot of tiny desserts. We also played some pretend blackjack, and I placed my bets like a drunk heiress. Go big, or go home.

Here I am in my fur coat, eating a tiny dessert (a mocha whipped thingie inside a chocolate cup.)

Before we left, we decided to take a couple of quick photos in front of the big tree. Here are Ed and Erl, posing like prom.

Tim photo-bombed them, so we decided to try again.

And yet again, he was a nuisance.

Then it was our turn. Dammit Tim.

That's better. Look for us on next year's Christmas card.

On the way out, we noticed a set up for Santa. So of course, we had to screw around.

All of that tomfoolery made Tim thirsty. We hope Santa won't mind.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Sunday Night Update.

We've had a pretty average week around here, though I for one am ready for the holidays and possibly a nap. The commute is still going okay, but only having a few hours to myself every day gets a little old. I mean, the train is fine and a great place to take naps, but it's not particularly comfortable, and it's always a juggle to try to fit everyone's knees into the same little space, and I always seem to fall asleep with my mouth hanging open.

This weekend we did a little more work around the house. I finally made some decisions as to where our pictures were going to go, and took a particular delight in pounding nails into the freshly painted walls (it's my house! I can do what I want!)

Tim put my Macbeth poster up in the family room. This corner of the house makes me feel S-M-R-T.

In our entry way I put up a bunch of our important pictures - the trip to China with the Thiels, the trip to Ireland with the Fords, our wedding photos and of course, most importantly, pictures of us at Lambeau.

In the office above my CD cases I put our framed albums (okay, my framed albums. But Tim enjoys show tunes too!) We have Cabaret, the Sound of Music, The King and I and Singing in the Rain.

Then in the baby's room is a copy of an album that Tim and Jake used to listen to at their grandma's house. It is about being virtuous and patient, allegedly.

I know you are thinking, why the picture of your car Meg? Who cares? Well folks, see the passenger side headlight? It was out this week, but I got a bulb and I fixed it all by myself. I even took the battery out to do so (had to borrow Dad's socket set, but that is beside the point.)

This upcoming week we'll be doing a lot of planning for Timmy Joe's 30th birthday party/our housewarming extravaganza. I am planning on baking assorted desserts and the moms have agreed to help out with sides. In the meanwhile, it's only 6:30 but I'm ready for bed. I was up at 7, because the cats were having a slap fight with Jonesy through the sliding glass door. They are getting braver about protecting their territory. Even Thory is putting up a fuss... and the running away.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Effective Cat Parenting

I want you to know, it took a lot of energy NOT to turn the shower on her. She basically deserves it, for all of the times that she's woken me up by either 1) licking my hair while I'm trying to sleep or 2) licking her butt on my pillow, while I'm trying to sleep.

Now if I could just get her to use the toilet.