Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Activity List

It's funny how crazy our lives can feel, even though our kids do relatively little in terms of sports and other activities. We're still loving our Wednesday music theory lessons as we gear up towards the kids beginning piano lessons, and we're readying for swim lessons again, once the weather is nice enough that poor noodle arms Adam won't freeze in the heated pool at the YMCA. Some weeks it feels so busy that I can't imagine having two sport athletes! Or even athletes who have to practice more than once a week.

That said, I love being able to sign them up for what interests them, and watching them grow. I think once school is over we'll find a more serious martial arts studio for Adam, if that's what he wants to keep doing. And Ellie ADORES gymnastics. She very quickly stretched out those longs arms and legs and can do the splits, back bends and her cartwheels and handstands have really improved. Here's a minute or two of them at work.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Greatest Showman

Kristen and Lexi invited Ellie and I to go and see the Greatest Showman with them yesterday. I'd wanted to see it when it first came out because I love all musicals, but it didn't get great reviews and Tim wasn't interested, so we didn't, to my great consternation. So, I was glad I could still catch it in theaters, and see it with my small friend.

Ellie LOVED it. She and Lexi were dancing along in their seats, and during the love song, we looked over and the two of them were leaning against each other, holding hands. Both hands. Then during a scary scene towards the end, they both fled to cuddle against their mothers. It's nice that she's at an age where she can sit through a movie without much fuss - she ate some popcorn and a sandwich, she had her water, but she wasn't whispering or fidgeting (makes me feel better about my decision to buy tickets to take her to Hamilton!)

Afterwards, we wandered through the mall, and we let them try on some make up Sephora. As you can see, Ellie's tastes are incredibly understated:

Everyone came back to the house, where we eventually ordered pizza for dinner, but before that, I bought the Greatest Showman soundtrack and brought the Bose player outside for us to listen. And Ellie and Lexi made up some sweet gymnastics dance routines. Looks like someone watched too much ice dancing during the Olympics!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Turf Toe

Like the Californians we are, we have officially ripped out our back lawn. It started going down hill a couple of years ago when our neighbors cut down their trees and flooded the back yard with light, and then the drought hit and we weren't supposed to water. Not that I would have watered anyways, because I am mostly terrible at yard work, and Tim is way worse.

I did some fairly successful re-seeding last year during the rainy season, but there's something going on with our sprinkler system so... it died. And I figured, by the time we got the sprinklers fixed and the grass redone, we'd have spent about as much as we would on replacing it with turf, plus there's probably another drought around the corner, so I'd have to let my new grass die.

Yesterday the turf company was here by 8, done by 3, and now we have a beautiful green backyard. The turf is softer than I expected it to be, and perfect for all kinds of sports, from gymnastics to just running around like a wild man.

I think it's going to be a really nice summer, out there enjoying a green lawn.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Art Classes.

Ellie has been enjoying running art classes with her brother - she even asks him to call her Mrs. Ford. But I must admit, results have been good:

This is his family portrait, complete with belly buttons and claw hands. I love this phase of art-work making. I also love that he's started writing his name more often, and with pretty good skill. It blows my mind that he's going to be in kindergarten next year.

He has also taken to doing some more avant garde pieces... like putting his best friend through Grizz's copier.

Ellie is also doing a special focus on portraiture. She says that's the button on Gigi's jeans... she's not wearing a speedskater suit.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Little Ode to Ellie!

Such a funny little sweet bunny she is. This came home with her yesterday, and I love the way she sees herself. 

She's really pleased with her gymnastics moves, and getting better every week. Probably because she practices non-stop. Any time she has a quiet moment, she's trying go to into her splits or kick her legs over her head. I've only gotten one call from the school about her cartwheeling and knocking her head on the ground. Last week at gymnastics she got very close to kicking over from a bridge.

She's also FINALLY very close to losing her first tooth. Both of her center bottom teeth are wiggly... and both of her adult teeth are already erupted behind them. In fact, she's having trouble wiggling the teeth because they bang into the adult teeth! I remember wondering as a kid why adults didn't want to see me wiggly my teeth... the answer is because it's DISGUSTING. I can't wait for her to finally quit showing it to me, or asking me to stick my fingers in her mouth. She's just trying to trick me into a terrible bite - those other teeth make clear that she is obviously a shark.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Here's a small selection of the things the kids have made for us over the past few days, and this afternoon:

Look at this lovely craft they made with Adam's little noodle arm, and then enjoy what he said when asked what he loved. Please note - he obviously listened to his classmates say they loved their families, and then said the following:

Done. Trucks. Next question.

We are all still sad, celebrating Valentine's Day without our orange and brown kittens. I'm glad we already have Lucky and Taco filling the house with their energy, otherwise it would be really terrible. Tim and I have been once again looking through old pictures of the cats when they were little, marveling at how little we were as well. We were hardly old enough to drive, who let us adopt two little dependent lives? 

We've tried to keep the sadness at bay by having the kid share their favorite memories with us. Both kids love that Thor would sit in the bathroom and wait for them to come in and turn the water on for him in the sink, and how he would meow at them. On Monday, before we had to put Thor to sleep, Ellie had done a homework page asking how many pets she had, and she wrote three. She was then very upset thinking about turning it in and having it be wrong, so I told her, she could always draw three cats and draw Thor as an angel. She wasn't okay with that - she went and crossed it out and wrote two - but she did draw a picture of Thor for me. 

And while we are talking about Valentines and about love, let me share this quote from Ellie, in regards to her little boyfriend. There was an incident last week where another classmate was trying to get her to kiss her boyfriend, and so I asked her, have you kissed Preston? She said no. I asked her if she wanted to, and she was aghast and told me "NO! Not at this age! Plus, there are a bunch of security cameras around my school."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Like a widower who's lost and bereft after the loss of his lifelong partner, our sweet Thory Boy Bear joined Lulu in kitty heaven yesterday. We adopted him because we thought he was a beautiful animal, and loved him even though he was incredibly dumb and smelled bad a lot of the time. He was scared of everything under the sun, but would flop at our feet for love, and meow excessively around 10pm, hoping we'd hurry up and brush our teeth so he could drink out of the sink. Then he'd do some additional meowing before coming to sleep on Tim's legs during the night, and if he found your hand outside of the covers he'd slam his face into it, making you pet him in your sleep. Of course, no one else experienced it because when others were around he spent his time under a bed or in a closet, working on being our Secret Cat. 

Losing two cats in two months has been heartbreaking, but we feel so grateful for every bit of love we've shared with them. They were the most wonderful practice babies two undeserving twenty-somethings could ask for.