Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Little Ode to Ellie!

Such a funny little sweet bunny she is. This came home with her yesterday, and I love the way she sees herself. 

She's really pleased with her gymnastics moves, and getting better every week. Probably because she practices non-stop. Any time she has a quiet moment, she's trying go to into her splits or kick her legs over her head. I've only gotten one call from the school about her cartwheeling and knocking her head on the ground. Last week at gymnastics she got very close to kicking over from a bridge.

She's also FINALLY very close to losing her first tooth. Both of her center bottom teeth are wiggly... and both of her adult teeth are already erupted behind them. In fact, she's having trouble wiggling the teeth because they bang into the adult teeth! I remember wondering as a kid why adults didn't want to see me wiggly my teeth... the answer is because it's DISGUSTING. I can't wait for her to finally quit showing it to me, or asking me to stick my fingers in her mouth. She's just trying to trick me into a terrible bite - those other teeth make clear that she is obviously a shark.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Here's a small selection of the things the kids have made for us over the past few days, and this afternoon:

Look at this lovely craft they made with Adam's little noodle arm, and then enjoy what he said when asked what he loved. Please note - he obviously listened to his classmates say they loved their families, and then said the following:

Done. Trucks. Next question.

We are all still sad, celebrating Valentine's Day without our orange and brown kittens. I'm glad we already have Lucky and Taco filling the house with their energy, otherwise it would be really terrible. Tim and I have been once again looking through old pictures of the cats when they were little, marveling at how little we were as well. We were hardly old enough to drive, who let us adopt two little dependent lives? 

We've tried to keep the sadness at bay by having the kid share their favorite memories with us. Both kids love that Thor would sit in the bathroom and wait for them to come in and turn the water on for him in the sink, and how he would meow at them. On Monday, before we had to put Thor to sleep, Ellie had done a homework page asking how many pets she had, and she wrote three. She was then very upset thinking about turning it in and having it be wrong, so I told her, she could always draw three cats and draw Thor as an angel. She wasn't okay with that - she went and crossed it out and wrote two - but she did draw a picture of Thor for me. 

And while we are talking about Valentines and about love, let me share this quote from Ellie, in regards to her little boyfriend. There was an incident last week where another classmate was trying to get her to kiss her boyfriend, and so I asked her, have you kissed Preston? She said no. I asked her if she wanted to, and she was aghast and told me "NO! Not at this age! Plus, there are a bunch of security cameras around my school."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Like a widower who's lost and bereft after the loss of his lifelong partner, our sweet Thory Boy Bear joined Lulu in kitty heaven yesterday. We adopted him because we thought he was a beautiful animal, and loved him even though he was incredibly dumb and smelled bad a lot of the time. He was scared of everything under the sun, but would flop at our feet for love, and meow excessively around 10pm, hoping we'd hurry up and brush our teeth so he could drink out of the sink. Then he'd do some additional meowing before coming to sleep on Tim's legs during the night, and if he found your hand outside of the covers he'd slam his face into it, making you pet him in your sleep. Of course, no one else experienced it because when others were around he spent his time under a bed or in a closet, working on being our Secret Cat. 

Losing two cats in two months has been heartbreaking, but we feel so grateful for every bit of love we've shared with them. They were the most wonderful practice babies two undeserving twenty-somethings could ask for.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Use It or Lose It.

To the guest at our 2005 wedding who gave us a gift card to Pottery Barn - thank you! I have to admit, I'm not much of a Pottery Barn shopper, but I never turn down free money, and despite my house being a whirlwind, I always have my gift cards stored safely in case I need them. Turns out, I needed them to buy this awesome floral duvet cover! As you can see, Taco also approves.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Keep Climbing.

This past weekend we had two birthday parties and a Superbowl party, and Adam is back to soccer at the YMCA (they don't have enough older kids to make it worth it for Ellie, but we'll consider AYSO if she wants to play soccer again - she's definitely working on her gymnastics for now.)

Sparing the gruesome details, the first part of the day was a disaster, full of tears, very few of them for an important reason (example: much sobbing about the pinata breaking, despite the fact that it was full of candy and toys!) So the afternoon party at the trampoline park had me worried about how it would go, especially when I think that a party at a facility is a cost to the host, more than when you're at someone's house (because don't worry, we always eat our share of pizza and cupcakes before we split. Mama's hungry!)

But for once, they rose to the occasion, LITERALLY!

Oh my wild little spider monkeys (Adam got much farther than the photo demonstrated. And he climbed up there without sobbing, which is a victory in itself.)

Also, can you believe how long Taco has grown?!?!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Family Time.

Well, it's the end of January, and so it's time for Grandma Rosie's annual trip to escape the cold and celebrate Sara's birthday with all of us. This year though, Ellie can read to her instead of needing Grandma Rosie to do the reading! Thanks to the Santa Anas and climate change, it's been in the high 80s around here, so Grandma is definitely getting her money's worth on the warm weather.

And now Auntie Sara is officially 35, so I've taken to calling her an old hag, despite being the older sister. She's the very best sister and auntie we could hope for.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Wheels

It finally happened, we got a new family car. I am a little distressed because by trading in my sub-compact Honda Fit, I can no longer be a smug a-hole when I parallel park in a tiny parking spot outside Ellie's school, like the cool city girl I once was. Don't worry, I can still be a smug a-hole based on the fact that Tim and I remain one of the few families we know with a two car garage and two actual cars parked in said garage, rather than having a garage filled with boxes and furniture.

We've been thinking about upgrading for probably over a year now, and after putting new tires on the Fit last summer and replacing the ignition coils shortly thereafter, I decided that I was done putting money into the car. It's been a great vehicle, and hauls SO much stuff despite the small size. I loved how zippy it was, and while the color was never my choice, everyone always knew it was me in my electric blue boogaloo. But, it's our family car, and turns out the rest of my family does not have abnormally short legs. It was getting uncomfortable for Ellie to be in the car behind Tim, and it's not the best car for long car trips with all of us. Not to mention it's ten years old, and so saying I didn't want to put any more money into it was like asking for a potential problem.

So! We got a Toyota Rav4. It's the first non-Honda I've ever owned, but I think I'll survive. We got the hybrid version, black exterior with a gray leather interior. My hill to die on was a light interior, because I wear dresses and don't want to burn the backs of my thighs, or roast my children in the back seat, but I also really wanted a non-white or gray exterior (sorry Tim!) So, the dealership was able to find me what I needed, and they actually offered me more than blue book for my trade in, which left me pretty much stunned. I think it's because I told them I'd throw in all of the cheerios and breath mints strewn throughout the car for free. Between that, and bringing my car up there filthy and almost out of gas, I feel like I got away with a crime!

And then I got to drive home in a clean car listening to my own music - that'll never happen again! Because let's be real, I'm not going to say that the kids can't eat in the car or that we all have to wipe our feet before we get in. The kids love it, Tim's very happy with it as well (because he does all of the driving when he's in the car) and while it's bigger than what I would have bought if it was just me, it's obviously not just me. But my dream car is a Mini-Cooper, and I've often told Tim, once the kids are out of the house and my life is more my own, I'm getting one. He actually said "oh, can you get the bigger one so I can ride in it?" and I told him no, I cannot. Did you hear me when I said when my life is more my own, I'm getting the small Mini, possibly convertible? I said what I said! The good news is, based on our previous track record of car ownership, and the fact that Ellie is already 7, by the time I'm ready for a new car, I can give her the Rav4 and get a Mini!

The downside is, I haven't done much driving this week. Yesterday morning Adam woke up complaining that his neck hurt, and then barfed. He managed to eat and keep everything down over the course of the day, but was running a pretty good fever other than the first hour after getting medicine, so we spent most of the day on the couch. Today the fever is gone, but he did get up at 4:30 to throw up, poor guy. It's terrible to see, but I'm glad he can at least hit the toilet. And we've had a chance to use our own wheels, talking a good walk down the trail both times, before I give my stroller to a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby this summer. The fresh air definitely does both of us good.