Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gonna Set My Soul on Fire!

We are back safe and sound from Vegas. It's not really my town, considering I don't really drink and I don't really gamble. And while I definitely eat, I'd rather not spend $50+ on every meal. But we had a good time hanging out with some of my coworker friends, and Anja had a good birthday celebration.

We had fancy dinner as a group on Saturday, and then on Sunday Anja scored us free tickets to see Love, the Cirque de Soleil show set to the music of the Beatles (squee!) The rest of the time we filled with eating, wandering around the casino and checking out the strip. Tim and I, collectively, gambled away $16. I know. We're high rollers. And note: I played most of those on a dollar by dollar basis. At one point I was up 52 cents on one of my dollars, but then I lost it all! (we didn't have to wash dishes to pay our dinner bill, thankfully.)

Fun jewelry related items: in addition to all of the sparklers that I brought, Anja also let me wear this fabulous ruby and diamond necklace that she won in a casino tournament a few years ago. I wore it every day, including to breakfast. She teased me about it, but I pointed out that I couldn't very well leave the necklace alone in our room. What if it got lonely? In other thrilling news, on Sunday I was in the Dior store, drooling heavily over their Diorette rings. They're gemstones and enamel and a knuckle-ful of prettiness.

Too bad they are also $16,000. But getting to try one on was amazing enough (full disclosure: mom and I once got to try them on in Beverly Hills too. It's slightly less fun to try these beauties on without mom.)

So, here are some of the photos from our trip:

Catalina and the sunset on the flight over.

We stayed at the Bellagio. Paris, and the water show at night.

Tim getting crushed by art.

Just a little snack.

Tim, Minky Boodle and I at Love

Me, peeved about losing yet another dollar (good shot of Anja's necklace and my fake eyelashes, which I also wore all weekend long.)

The view from our hotel room yesterday morning

The lobby at the Bellagio

Tim is all out of money on Monday afternoon. Because he only brought about $25 with him for the trip.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

In a few short hours we are off for a weekend of debauchery. It's my boss's 40th birthday, and we are headed to the Bellagio to celebrate her. I know you are thinking, "a weekend with my boss, that sounds like a nightmare." Well, that's because your boss isn't Anja. Anja is in a word, AWESOME. My coworker Trena and I are both going (there goes the development department!) The other fun is that Anja is a fairly regular Vegas-goer, so we are taking advantage of her perks. Like being met by limos at the airport!

So, what have I packed for Vegas? I'm glad you asked.
*two pairs of false eyelashes
*two fur items (Doxie, and Minky Boodle)
*three bracelets
*one giant pair of earrings
*three necklaces (including two different sets of great fake pearls)
*three books and a magazine (for two hours worth of flight time, of course)
*two fancy dresses
*a new red bathing suit
*and then some boring jeans and tee shirts


We've already had a nice weekend thus far. With mom and dad in San Francisco (wearing flowers in their hair) we had Sara staying with us. Last night we got a giant delicious Greek pizza and then watched Mary Poppins, which Tim insists he has never seen before. I couldn't believe it (his parents don't look like wolves) but during the key scenes I'd turn to him and say "do you remember this?" and he had no idea. He enjoyed it though (how could you not?) Today Sara and I went shopping and ran some errands, and now she's off with her boyfriend, and I am considering a nap before our flight. Oh naps, I love you so.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nap time.

Let's see... I wish I had some huge and exciting news for you all, but no dice. My sister has turned 27, which means she's old but not quite as old as me. I made a heart shaped caramel cake, and we hung out with Auntie Lisa.

Work has been good for both of us, nothing to report there. The biggest fun is the Winter Olympics. Cue Tim and I staying up way past our bedtimes for days on end trying to catch all of the action.

I dunno. We've cleaned the house a couple of times. We went and saw Carousel at the Freud Playhouse last weekend (at UCLA) and Tim bought himself a new fancy TV for our Superbowl Party.

So, no news, no new knowledge, except this:

Cat naps are always better with an actual cat.