Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kidney Girls.

It's been a long month or so dealing with kidney issues around here. A few weeks ago Lulu was so skinny and listless that we feared her time had come. Thankfully, after a day full of fluids at the vet, a new diet of kidney-friendly food (sadly, it's low in protein, which is completely the opposite of Thor's all protein diabetes diet) and an appetite increasing antidepressant, she's bounced back quite well. At her two week return visit, all of her blood numbers were better. So, I have narrowly avoided having to be a true adult and deal with making the choice about putting a pet to sleep.

In the meanwhile, I've been worrying about Ellie's kidneys. She's had a series of UTIs this year, and because she's small and doesn't recognize the symptoms as quickly as an adult would, she ends up going down for the count and even missing school, because she's running a 102 fever and miserable. Her doctor recommended we do a medical procedure called a VCUG, where they basically fill up her bladder with contrast and do x-rays as she voids, to see if any urine is backing up to her kidneys, or otherwise being problematic. I had it done as a kid, and it's pretty hard on a little, so I was relieved when they said now, with a kid her age, they put them under. Then immediately started freaking out about the risk of putting a child under anesthesia (which I realize are minimal.) Well, we went into the hospital at 6:30 on Monday morning to get it done, and it went better than I expected. Everyone we came in contact with was so wonderful and kind. The hospital has a child life specialist whose sole responsibility is making sure your child is comfortable. She had a little doll in a hospital gown with all of the wires and tubes that Ellie was wearing, she helped me explain the procedure, and she stayed with us the entire time.

The actual procedure was incredibly quick, less than 20 minutes, and when Ellie woke up she didn't remember a thing, and was plowing a popsicle as soon as they'd let her. We were home by 10am!
The best news is that we've already heard back, and there's nothing abnormal on the VCUG, so nothing wrong with her kidneys or bladder. I will still need to talk with her doc about what we do from here, other than being diligent about wiping and washing and staying hydrated, but it's a relief to have it behind us. I was so proud of her in the hospital. She was so funny and sweet to everyone - she told them she's going to grow up and be the American Ninja Warrior, she joked that she doesn't like having a little brother, and when the nurse was asking me about medical history and brought up diabetes, she piped up "Thor has diabetes!" and I had to explain that he's a cat, adopted, no blood relation. I felt so very proud to be the mom of such a fantastic little lady.

Proud of this little goofball rock star too. It's finally cooling off around here, so yesterday he wore his new back to school outfit from Mimi. Told me the pants are like fireman pants because of the stripes around the bottom (was mad that they were falling down on him, was also reluctant to let me tighten the draw string for him) and he calls his sweatshirt a jacket, but he certainly loved stuff it full of stuff during our nature walk yesterday. He was so funny, asking me if I wanted to kick rocks with him. Sure kid, why not!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ninja Warriors.

Just an average afternoon at the park with these two hooligans. No matter where he is, when Adam takes to the course, he does it shirtless.

But don't worry, he also takes the time to be a caring father to Lamby.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This Week.

Well, Gigi and Grizz have once again abandoned us and headed off to Europe. Once again I'm left wondering, WHO DO THEY THINK IS GOING TO RAISE MY CHILDREN?

Both kids are settling into their school routines and having fun. Adam still plays with his buddy Milo on the play ground, but really has hit it off with a little dude named Luke in his current class. There's a boy in Ellie's class who is enjoying sending her lots of love notes, though when asked she says she only has "a little" crush on him, and that she knows she's not allowed to get married until after she finishes college. Rules are rules, kid! She's mostly been working on her American Ninja Warrior training on the play ground, and is very proud of the callouses on her hands from going back and forth across the monkey bars.

In boring adult news, we had to replace our water heater this week after it leaked all over the garage on Sunday morning. Still better than our neighbors, one of whom is redoing their roof, and another one who's been repiping and repairing a leak. THIS WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD IS A MESS.

While I haven't gone over and stolen Spike from mom yet, I have enjoyed torturing all the cats this week with a shark hat I bought for Yogi Bear. I feel like he's my best bet at a cat wearing a Halloween costume, but our cats are getting into it too.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Another First Day

Check out this big guy, in his old trusty "Friendly Shark" back pack, and his new outfit, selected by Ellie and purchased by Mimi. Finally, he had his first day back at school yesterday, which went great. He's in a new room, but he was familiar with his teacher from last year. She knew him by name and when he started telling her about his new firetruck shirt, she leaned over and cupped his face in her hands to listen to him. It made my heart explode from the sweetness... and then I basically bolted from the parking lot. If he's not crying or looking back, I'm sure not going to give him the chance to do so! He had a great three hours, and came home happy as a clam.

Overall, the transition back to school has gone well. Ellie is loving first grade, but the earlier mornings and longer days are kicking her butt a little bit. Every Wednesday at her school is a half day, so that they can do teacher in services without having to take a full day off of school, and those days we're home by 1:15 and I try to make them nap before music class, which I think helps for the week. We're definitely trying to get them in bed with lights out by 7:30, instead of sometime after 8. She was so delighted to bring in a couple of horn worm caterpillars this week, along with a book she made up about them called Yum Tomato. She doesn't realize that they're actually terrible for gardens and that either myself or Gigi is going to squish her new friends, rather than encouraging them to turn into moths.

The kids went and did some good pottery painting for fun over Labor Day weekend, and on Monday the weather cooled down and we were able to go and float around on Lake Mission Viejo with friends. It was chilly enough that the kids demanded jackets - the only one I have in the car for Ellie is her old Hannah Anderson elf jacket, which I think she got when she was three. Still cute as heck, even if it's too small.

(Different elf jacket, from February 2012. But still ready to wear it out on the open seas.)

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day of First Grade!

Off she goes, our smart, wonderful girl! She's not only got the same teacher, but she's in the same classroom again this year, so she was incredibly ready and confident about it all. She held Tim's hand while we all walked down to school, and then grabbed her name tag and got in line with her friends, and off she went, happy as a clam! Can't wait hear her report about day one when I pick her up!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Last Week of Summer Vacation.

We've been hanging in this week pretty okay, even without Tim around to help keep this ship sane. It's definitely good that we have plenty of family and friends around - I couldn't do it without all of the dinner mooching I've been doing (yes, more than usual even!) It's especially good to go have dinner with friends with children, because then the kids disappear for an hour and I can breathe a little bit.

Wednesday we went to the Spectrum, ate some pastries from the Hello Kitty Cafe and got a few back to school supplies at Target (a new lunch box for Ellie, a new water bottle for Adam, and then the both whined about wanting what the other got.)

Thursday we went to Fired Up for a clay molding class, as a consolation price after Ellie's ceramics camp for the week got canceled. She built her own little bowl, put some decorations on it, and after it's dried and fired she'll paint it right up. Adam did a little bit of work, then took off for the back yard to drive trucks around and eat his lunch. I'm planning on eating out of his bowl, since I'm the one who actually made it.

We've done a lot of good swimming this week too. Their last lesson was on Tuesday afternoon - we'll definitely be back when the pool warms up in spring, but with Grizz's pool beginning to cool down, investing in swim lessons doesn't seem worthwhile. They do so much better when they can practice in between lessons.

Plus Saturday mornings are for soccer now!

Last night we went out for dinner with Mimi and Poppy, and then this morning we took our scooters down to the trail and rode them up to the park. It was hot, but a good hour of burning off some energy outside of the house. Tim will hopefully arrive at home just as bedtime is upon us (which should be a mess, but it'll be good to see him!) and tomorrow Ellie starts first grade! She's actually going to have the same teacher as she had for kindergarten - they only have two incoming kinder classes this year so they did some shifting of personnel, and we're excited that she has a teacher she knows and loves. I'm also excited that I finally have more than three hours before I have to pick her up every day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

You've Kept Me From the Room Where it Happens..


Blog hiatus caused by some fantastic vacationing for Tim and myself. The day after the election last year, when I was looking to drown my feelings in ice cream or conspicuous consumption, Becca called me and said "did you see that the Hamilton facebook page announced that they have a new block of seats on sale? We could go in August, between our birthdays." I said "maybe this is the retail therapy we need to make ourselves feel better" and in sync, we both made a sad trombone noise for the nation. But still spent the money on the tickets! And lo, North Korea hasn't bombed us into oblivion quite yet, so we were able to visit the greatest city in the world (in the greatest city in the world!) and see Hamilton, which I have been obsessed with since seeing them on the Tonys at the beginning of 2016. And it was even better than I could have ever hoped. All of the songs seemed new, seeing them acted, seeing them sung live and accompanied by such great dancing and staging and lighting. I was teary through almost the entire thing, just loving the songs, or in amazement that I was really there, or straight up weeping as Alexander Hamilton sings about the death of his son. I'm so glad we were able to go.

It was also Tim's first trip to NYC, so we did our best to cram as much stuff in as possible. We went to the Top of the Rock, visited Central Park, wandered around the West Village and SoHo (where we were lucky to stay in a friend's corporate crash pad for free!) and visited the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Natural History Museum. We also went out for a really lovely birthday dinner at Gramercy Tavern and saw Jimmy Fallon eating only two tables away.

Then I came home by myself, and Tim took a red eye to Germany to work at GamesCon, Europe's biggest video games conference. Red eye, in coach, and when he arrived his suitcase hadn't made it (via a direct flight.) So he spent 33 hours straight awake, and had to also go buy new undies and toiletries, poor guy. He seems to be having a great time though - we were able to video chat with him tonight at 12:30am, and he was awake and having a fun time in the hotel lobby with friends and coworkers. Wearing a shirt he borrowed from someone else, and needing to go back up to his room and wash his socks.

Meanwhile, even after all of their help throughout the summer, Mimi and Gigi continue to keep an eye on me and the kids, because we all know that Tim is the better, more patient parent, and I'm likely to eat my own young, especially on the last week of the summer, and when Ellie's ceramics camp got canceled. Good news, I did not murder Adam even after he spent nap time on Monday pulling paint and drywall off of a corner of his bedroom wall. (In truth, the paint in his room is already slightly damaged from having the baseboards and doors redone during our remodel - if it had been basically any other room in the house, I would have chopped his hands off like some Old Testament punishment...) But we're getting along okay! Yesterday we hung out with the neighbors and then went and had a dinner picnic at the park, and today we had swim lessons and taco Tuesday with Gigi, after the kids spent the morning playing at the park and going out for lunch with Mimi. Tomorrow we start our new music class and tonight I put the kids school calendars into my google calendar, because if I don't have something on my schedule, there is no way I can remember it (today I also finally found out what day Adam starts school, and what Ellie's school hours are. See? I'm getting it all figured out, and SO EARLY.)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Beach Baby, Ball Game.

Friday we skipped YMCA camp to go to our friend Jamie's Surf Camp. Jamie is such an outdoor rock star babe - she surfs, she swims, she's training for a triathalon, she camps, she's a great cook and hostess, and she's basically a beach goddess. She'd been down at Doheney all week with her two girls and various friends and family, and invited us to join on Friday. Gigi came with, which was much, much appreciated, and the kids had a (mostly) wonderful time.

Ellie LOVED it. She was in the water the entire time - the only time I got her out was to feed her a sandwich when she was shivering with blue lips. And Jamie was so great about coaching the kids. She had a couple of surfboards and would plop two kids on it, take them out and give them a shove into a wave, and they could ride all the way to the shore. The girls were even trying to stand up and hang ten. It was awesome. Ellie also got pretty good at boogie boarding.

Adam was hit or miss - he had a huge fit at Gigi and it took me awhile to get him to calm down (needed snacks) and he wasn't into being out in the water, but thankfully Judd showed up just after I'd made him eat a sandwich, so he was able to hold it together and let us stay a little longer.

In short, it was a blast of a day. Love seeing my little girl as a total beach baby. And thankfully, no one got too badly sunburnt.

On Saturday, the kids had a great soccer game. When Adam runs onto the field, he likes to tell us he's being determined, then he freezes for a minute, revs up, and races out onto the pitch with a huge yell. It's hilarious watching him get after it. They've both improved quite a bit, and definitely are doing less crying about it all. After nap time, they went over to Gigi and Grizz's for some swimming and dinner, and mom put them to bed for us so Tim and I could go and see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Ahmanson (verdict, I liked the production, the acting and staging was great, but I didn't care for the book back in the day, so I didn't care for the play overall.)

Then yesterday we had ladies day out at Angels stadium! Tim and I won four tickets to two games at a charity auction earlier this year, and since we couldn't get Twins tickets, decided to take Gigi and Sara with Ellie and I to watch the Angels versus the A's. Ellie's been to games before, but her last one she was under two - I think I was freshly pregnant with Adam. So this was a much different experience.

IT WAS SO HOT. We had great seats, row E back up off the field, but it was HOT. Miserable hot. As you can see, we brought scarves and made fans and ate ice cream, but in the end, we took advantage of the mostly empty stadium and moved back into the shade. And even then, only survived until the 8th inning because it was a looooong game. We'd already been there for three hours and seen several home runs when we decided to go (right after Mike Trout had a fly out instead of his 1000th hit.) And even then, I'm glad we left when we did, because the A's came back and put six on the board to win the game. Better to leave when the energy is high! (in the stadium. In our party, energy was low and mostly tired. I'd been up at five am to volunteer getting sign ups for the Special Olympics 5K, so I fell asleep last night before 8pm.) And now it's back to our regular week! Dragging Ellie and Adam to the Y in the morning, napping and then going for a swim in the afternoon.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week at the Y.

This week in keeping everyone entertained, I had everyone signed up for camps at the YMCA. So now we basically live there, because Adam's discovery camp is 9-12 and Ellie's art camp is 1-4. That is bad planning on my part, because while they're having fun I feel like I'm constantly on a deadline to pick someone up or drop someone off, and the hour in between can be tough. We've brought lunch in and ate in the lounge area at the Y, and today we went out, which was fun. The camps are definitely not as intense as oceanography camp, but they're having a good time (and the price is right.)

Plus, while we're living at the Y, I have my morning work out classes, Wednesday evening tap dancing, and the kids have swim lessons twice a week, though Tuesday got canceled because of storms (much crying, of course.) Today though, it's hotter than Hades with blue skies, so I look forward to beaching myself in the wading pool. And by that, I mean we always end up in the deep end while I tread water and Adam jumps on me.

Ellie's now gone two weeks without a mid-day rest (which, in the past year she hasn't always napped, but she usually falls asleep one or two days a week - more often during this summer because we've been busier) and we've pushed bedtime up a little to keep everyone sane and rested. I thought to myself, oh, when school starts we'll be back to a regular schedule, and then I remembered, she'll be a first grader! Nap time will be over! I DID IT, I MADE HER TAKE NAPS ALL THE WAY UNTIL GRADE SCHOOL! And in truth, she's a good sleeper and both kids need a lot of sleep. They get it from their parents, who fall asleep the second we hit the pillow, and could easily sleep 12 hours a night.

Tim and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary this week. For the first time in many years, I actually looked through all of our wedding pictures the night before, and MAN, was it a long time ago! I kept pointing to people and telling Tim "look at how young they look! Look at how young we are!" Now that I'm an actual grown up, it seems wild that people actually threw a party to let two idiots in their very early twenties pledge their lives to each other. JOKES ON YOU, PARENTALS! Really, the joke is on poor Tim. Mimi and Poppy took the kids overnight for us on our anniversary, so we could go out and about - we went and saw Wonder Woman, went out to our favorite restaurant, and then went for a walk on the beach where I lost one of my favorite bracelets and fell on a rock and took a sizable chunk out of my foot. Thus proving that romance is best saved for the young folks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cooking with Gas.

Ellie started oceanography camp this week, which is coming at the perfect time.  We've had a great summer so far, but she definitely complains every step of the way. Oh, we went out to lunch? Why can't we have ice cream? Spent the afternoon with friends? Heavy sigh, why can't we do something fun! That sort of nonsense, so it's good that she's out and about to do her own thing. She's had a good week so far, though she mentioned that it's a lot of LEARNING. And Monday was a little lackluster because Gigi picked her up for an afternoon of fun, and then we spent two hours crying (her) and searching for a lost Spike (the rest of us, including Adam canvassing the neighborhood on his big wheel, yelling "Spikey DOODLE! Where ARE you!") Turns out, that fluffy bastard was upstairs, hiding in a super secret location. 

Ellie's favorite part of camp, of course, is getting to go with Lexi. Those two are quite the pair, and surprise surprise, are each other's buddy at camp. They even get to use the bathroom together! (which they would do anyways, please.)

Meanwhile, Adam and I are sticking to our usual routine of going to the YMCA, farting around, and going swimming in Grizz's pool. He did offer this beautiful song on the drive this morning (I was parked when I recorded)

The other thing both kids have been doing is watching American Ninja Warrior, nonstop. They LOVE it. The best part is that then they go and play American Ninja Warrior, bouncing around Ellie's room in their costumes. American Ninja Warrior boy wears no shirt, American Ninja Warrior girl wears no pants. Sometimes she even changes into her bathing suit in case she falls off the obstacle and into the water!

We also had some real big fun this weekend doing cooking class with Don and Eileen, Jake and Karen. It was the Christmas present for all of us, having the experience of making and sharing a meal. I recommended the cooking school down in San Juan, TSpoons, and we had a great time. We had a French chef who yelled at all of us and goofed around ("eat the pan! Eat the pan to eye!" - heat the pan to high, yelled at us "what are you doing!?" and told me to shut up, at which point I took my name tag off, turned it around and wrote Beyonce on the other side, so if he was going to tell me off, he had to call me Beyonce.) And the food was great! It was bacon night, so we made carbonara, fried chicken with a bacon gravy and bacon buttermilk biscuits, a flatbread with caramelized onions and bacon, and chocolate chip bacon brownies. YUM. 

The great part is they do all of the measuring and cutting and prep work and clean up, and while you cook the vast majority of the dishes, they do the finishing up - you don't have to watch the oven or check temperatures, while we sat down with our carbonara, they plated the last items and brought them to us. Sipped wine, all chatted together (the six of us crammed into a little table because they were short a seat at the big table, and by the time they brought over another chair, we would have been interspersed between a bunch of other patrons, instead of getting to talk to one another.) And then I made everyone go two step at the Swallows, because the best thing to do with a full stomach is swing around the dance floor!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Weekend Workout!

This weekend Ellie decided that she wanted to play soccer too, so we signed her up for the same soccer camp at the Y. Thank goodness for the YMCA. I mean, we already practically live there, but basically anything I think our family would be interested in, they offer, and I can just throw money at the problem and support a nonprofit!

I was already at bootcamp when the kids arrived, so I was surprised to see Ellie wearing a sparkly skirt instead of pants or shorts, and she'd taken her hair down and put in a clip. Oh, that glamorous little California girl, making sure everyone can admire her blonde locks and her long legs. Both kids immediately began crying about being asked to wear a jersey, but managed to get it together. Adam didn't accuse anyone of cheating this week, and is really improving with his footwork. Ellie is more tentative, but makes up for it by being fast. Together, they'd be a great soccer player, but they cry A LOT. Next week, hopefully more improvement. And I've already told Ellie, no dirt in the skirt.

We had a pretty relaxed weekend overall. Did a lot of swimming and laying around, and then last night went to see the concert in the park down in Dana Point. It was a Pat Benatar cover band, which was fun. The weather was perfect, there were plenty of snacks, and Ellie continued working on her physical skills.

Juddy, dancing king of the universe, obviously. Ellie has already said she wants to do gymnastics in the fall with Lexi, so we'll see how that goes as well (bet it will involve weeping!)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Sporting Life.

Little known fact about me, despite my sparkling social skills and ability to be an amazing teammate, I never played a team sport growing up. I was not that much into the sports, being more into being left alone with a book and my imagination. I know, hard to believe. And Tim did youth sports and then turned to running, which is just a thing that sickos do. And then abandoned all physical activity except the use of his valuable typing hands. Which also double as his video gaming hands.

So as expected, we have not been the parents who signed our kids up for tball and soccer and all of those activities. Partially because I don't want to talk to other parents on the sidelines, and also because I don't want to dedicate several hours a week to watching a bunch of little dweebs run around, missing the ball. And plus, the kids have never really expressed interest in team sports, though Ellie's liked dance and they both love swimming.

But lo, the other day there was a sign at the Y about a kids soccer camp on Saturday mornings - a half hour of practice and a half hour game, and I mentioned it to the kids, and Adam said he REALLY wanted to play soccer. First practice was this past weekend.

He wasn't sure if he should dress for football or futbol, but he was pretty thrilled about the whole thing, until the game got going, and then he cried when other kids stole the ball from them and accused them of cheating. So, still needs some review of the rules. The good news is that Ellie initially refused to sign up, but after watching Adam, she's going to join the group this week. So, team sports it is, we're trying.

Meanwhile, look at these two fish!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Knee High... the Fourth of July.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, once I felt like we'd started to recover from our vacation hangover, it was time for the long holiday weekend! And lo, it was nuts. We had three pool parties in three days - a family birthday party out in Yorba Linda on Sunday, where Ellie tried to learn to dive and cried a lot, a big friends BBQ on the 3rd, where the kids again swam for several hours nonstop, and then a lunch time BBQ on the 4th at a different friend's house in the same neighborhood (most of the same crew, slightly more sunburnt and chlorinated this time) and then after that four hours stint in the pool, everyone took a nap, we ate a final round of hot dogs with our neighbors, and ended the evening with sparklers and fireworks in their driveway.

Suffice to say, everyone has been pooped. The good news is that Adam is really getting the hang of swimming on his own, seemingly overnight! And I love what swimmy fish the kids are, even if it can be tiring to make sure that they're not drowning in a huge scrum of other kids, while also trying to make sure no one is splashing water into my beer. I have also found that picking up one of my children when they're screeching in their crocodile tears fashion, and throwing them into the center of the pool really puts a damper on their ability to fake cry. And it's satisfying for me! Because I am truly Ursula the Sea Witch.

So now hopefully we can settle into a routine, since neither of them are going to day camp until the end of the month. We go to the YMCA in the morning, and every morning Ellie complains that she doesn't want to go, and I complain that I don't want to go either, but if I don't work out I'll have to yell at everyone all day, and then run some errands, come home and have lunch and nap, and then wait to go jump in Gigi and Grizz's pool and pick up their kittens all afternoon. Trying to keep things fun with craft projects, and the entire house is strewn with all of our toys. It's been great to watch them play Legos or trains with each other in the morning - they love building and using their imaginations, and it's always awesome when they play together.

We also went to the library last week and got their first library cards. They were really excited about filing out the forms and picking out the card they wanted, and then we had a great time choosing books. I'm the mom who doesn't let them buy junk at Target or the grocery store, so it was a fun reversal of fortune telling them yes to everything at the library. Adam got a bunch of truck books, Ellie got a cat book and a couple of new chapter books to try. She was beyond adorable - we couldn't find anything in the stacks ourselves, and I suggested she go ask the librarian for help, and tell her that she finished the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and was looking for some new chapter books. Ellie was so polite and grown up, answering all of the librarian's questions about what kind of books she likes, what she liked about the Little House series. We're halfway through our first chapter book, and planning lots of good library trips this summer. Air conditioning and quiet reading, two of my favorite summer things!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Door County 2017.

Another great family summer vacation in the books! This year, we were once again able to spend our entire Wisconsin time in Door County, since all of the Thiels (minus Auntie B, sadly) were able to come over for the weekend, so I had my entire extended family in one place at the same time. And it was great! There's something wonderful about seeing my kids enjoying time with their out of state family, from their great grandparents, to all of their little cousins.

Got to spend Father's Day traveling with Grizz

Stayed overnight at Auntie Becca's and got to love on the kittens (not pictured, Adam waking everyone up by throwing up at 4:30, and then being fine for the rest of the vacation.)

Wisconsin, has all of the sky

We visited the goats at Door County Creamery and ate ice cream almost every day

Went to the Ridges, where you can read to a stuffed deer

And splashed in the lake and dug in the sand. Like their mama, they don't care that the water is freezing

A lot of hammock time

Making art in matching clothes

Eating cake that Gigi Renee made

Exploring and catching crickets

Yard games

Examining the dead bug collection

Playing cards

Playing bananagrams

Playing harmonica with Grandpa Charlie

Catching up on summer reading/Benjy book club

And of course, getting a ton of candy and having a ton of fun at the Olde Ellison Bay Days Parade

And obviously, dance parties. 

I also realize I'm a dirt bag and didn't take any good pictures of the kids with their Thiel cousins (other than our best gal Hailee) but I have this one I filched from my sister

But I do have this video of smiley-kins Leah, who makes me laugh so hard with her huge smile and baby laughter

Seriously kills me dead

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Last Day!

Our little lady finished her first year of kindergarten, and had a great time doing it.

It was Red White and Blue spirit day, so she was red, white and cute, per Hello Kitty. All of the kids were early birds, so it was a nutty little scrum, but most of the day was their goodbye party. They've been a great little group, and I'm glad that we'll be moving on to first grade with all of them.

She had a great year of kindergarten. We really enjoyed her teacher, and loved the big memory book that she worked on all year and got to bring home on Friday. Lots of little hand prints and drawings and even pictures! As you can see, she's still working on her spelling, and I totally left this typo in the card for her teacher. Though, she's got me as her mom, so good luck to her in the future.

She didn't want me to pick her on her last day, but had a good afternoon with Gigi instead. And then, because I continue to be the meanest mommy, we dropped them off at date night at the Y rather than spending the evening with them!

Except, that back fired on me today. We got them to bed after 9:30, and then they were up at 7 and in the pool for lessons at 8:30. And despite my admonitions that they'd both feel better if they napped for awhile, neither did. Ellie and I went to a birthday party for one of her classmates, and by the time we got home, the wheels were coming off. Mimi and Poppy and Jake and Karen came over for early Father's Day dinner, and Ellie cried for a solid 20 minutes when Tim had to go grab dinner instead of opening cards, and Adam refused to eat dinner and then fell asleep in his bed, in his clothes. Then he cried about being put in his pajamas. And of course, I am also tired and stressed from packing, so I'm basically Medusa. PERFECT FATHER'S DAY CELEBRATION FOR ALL. I'm just hoping they sleep until at least 4:30, when Tim and I have to rally for our flight to Chicago.