Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Swimmiest Fish.

It's been really hot here the past few days, which is terrible for our air conditioning bill, but great because it means Grizz's pool is officially open for the summer! Ellie's first dip was Friday afternoon, and she wasted no time in getting down to business. And I do mean business. Crazy, wild, jumping business.

She's made real strides in the past few months, thanks to Gigi taking her to swim lessons at the YMCA on Saturday mornings. She's starting to kick more and is getting better with her arms - we may see some doggy paddling before the summer is out.

This morning I was in charge of swim class though, which was definitely fun. She floated a lot, and flung herself off the wall with wild abandon. We came home, had some lunch and took a nap, and then when she woke up, she was ready to go to Grizz's for more swimming. And because Grizz is a kind, gentle soul who would never taunt or harm a small child, this happened.

But like her auntie Sara before her, Ellie thought it was all pretty great.

Then we ended up across the street at Jim and Judy's house, where Ellie begged to go in their spa (aka Judy's pool.) So we got her suit and her Aqua Leisure floaties and sent her back in until her teeth were chattering. Three swimming trips (and three post-swim baths) in 12 hours. Basically, a perfect summer day.

Friday, June 28, 2013

My Sweeties.

I hope they always love each other this much.

I had a big outing last night with my girlfriends - my first Professional Development Meeting since before I had Adam (Professional Development is what we moms call our drinking and gabbing sessions. Husbands and babies not invited! But we talk about them, and since most of us are full time stay at home moms, it's our career! And we're developing it! Trading tips and networking and all.) It was also Tim's first time doing bed time for two babies. He handled it well, there were no frantic texts or messages begging me to come home. Adam took a bottle, gave Tim the business and then was asleep when I got home. I went in and did a dream feed and then he slept until 7ish, with a small wake up for whining and hand sucking at 4:30. He is such a good baby.

Tim said that at one point Adam was crying and he was trying to comfort him, and Ellie helpfully piped up "he doesn't want you daddy. He wants mommy." When Tim asked Ellie if she wanted mommy, she said "no, I want yooooooou."

Adam's starting to stick his thumb in his pie hole. Most of the stuff I've heard about thumb sucking says that it is the devil, and better to get your kid on a pacifier because you can take it away, whereas your kid will be sucking their thumb until college if they start now, and you'll pay eighty million dollars for orthodontics during their life time. Personally, I sucked two fingers on my left hand well into middle school and never needed braces, and didn't stand around with my hand in my mouth at all times during my youth. Tim did not suck his thumb or fingers and had eighty million dollars in dental work. It all just seems like luck of the draw, so if Piglet wants to shove a specific part of his hand into his face so that I don't have to get out of bed and go rock him or feed him, FINE BY ME!

He's such a funny little guy. I love all the smiling and cooing, and it cracks me up how different he is about nursing, compared to Ellie. When she was eating, she was EATING. I don't think she bothered to make eye contact with me during meal times until she was old enough to talk. She'd just sort of stare at my collarbone and act like I was bothering her. Adam already has started stopping eating so that he can smile at me or coo about what a good time he's having. Ellie's colic often made me feel like I couldn't do anything right and I was a terrible, terrible mother, and so it's been a relief to have a baby who thinks I'm pretty great (I know Ellie thought I was pretty great too... but it was hard to feel that way at the time.) Thank goodness now she's big enough to tell me how much she loves me. Even if she likes Tim best most days.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Greatest Triumph!

The professional pictures are finally in from my recent pie eating contest victory. Please to enjoy.

Here I am, with my sleeping baby and my pie. It's just a pie crust with whipped cream piled up, and cinnamon on the whipped cream.

You cannot use your hands to eat the pie, which is fine, because I needed to use my hand to cradle the baby. I used my teeth to rotate the pie pan around, focusing on hoovering up the whipped cream and attacking the edges. Then I got to the bottom of the crust, which I picked up with my teeth, broke into pieces and ate, all while doubting the sanity of my decision.

Empty pie pan, full belly, baby half awake.

Yes, I do have pie in my hair

But also sweet, sweet victory.

Three Months.

How is it possible that our little Piglet-Pooglet Pork Roast is three months already? We survived another newborn period! To be honest, I was terrified of having another newly borned, but he has been a dream come true. I couldn't ask for a better sleeper or a nicer snuggler. And I couldn't have predicted that Elizabeth would be such a wonderful, exuberant sweetheart of a big sister. We are a very, very lucky little family.

At three months, he is starting to be really fun. He's smiling a lot, and though he hasn't come out with a full out laugh, he does this little chuckle from time to time. He's recognizing the faces of his family and reacting to us, which is so fun after surviving the blob weeks. He especially loves the picture of the three of us in our living room. The only fussing we hear is related to hunger or exhaustion, and the occasional dirty diaper. I feel like we've gotten in a pretty good routine - he's up around 7, eats and plays, then we go for a walk (usually he naps, sometimes he grouses, but we're always going, dang it!) Mid-morning he naps on me, usually because we're out and about, and I can get him to take a nap at the same time as Ellie in the afternoons if I'm lucky. Then he usually takes an early evening cat nap in the Moby wrap. He's still in his bassinet at night, but no longer swaddled (just in a sleep sack) but this weekend we're going to try going straight in the crib - wish us luck! We all adore him and his sweet little face.

His hair is falling out rapidly, which is sort of alarming to me since Ellie never really lost her newborn hair. It thinned, but not in the same way as Adam's - when he's snuggled up against me I find hair in my mouth. He's worse than our dang cats!

For our big fun today I went and got copies of his birth certificate. Now he's ready to go to Wisconsin!

Check out that saaaaa-weet bald spot. That's where his head rests against me when he's in the Moby/Ergo. So it's true what they say, baldness does come from the mother's line.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Don't Go, Grandma Rosie!

Grandma Rosie is on the first flight out tomorrow, and we are certainly going to miss her. This afternoon she helped me make a peach pie (which consisted mostly of holding Adam, who wanted to help instead of sleep, dang it.) I am so glad that she's gotten to spend this time with us, and that we get to see her again in less than a month! I feel so lucky to be in my thirties and still have three of my grandparents around, and for them to be a part of my children's lives in person or on skype, in a very meaningful way.

While she was here Grandma put the finishing touches on her Lorax quilt for Adam, and I wanted to take pictures of both kids with Grandma Rosie and their fancy quilts (they also both have UCLA quilts, which are smaller and more approved for day to day fun.) Hilarity ensured:

Those children. If it's not one, it's the other one. We can't win, but we certainly can have fun.

Lastly, here is Adam and I doing his favorite song.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


We have certainly had a wonderful day! After several months of planning, today was Adam Howard's baptism. Father Dick once again agreed to do us a favor and do the honor of baptizing Adam in our backyard... or so he said a few months ago. Then he forgot to write it down in his calendar, so Tim's call to him on Thursday led to a bit of panic around the house, as he was double booked to perform a wedding at the same time as the baptism.

Thankfully, the day was pretty fluid, and we were able to serve lunch first instead. The biggest issue of the day turned out to be that Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tom got hit by a motorcyclist on their way over. Please note that they live less than three miles from us and were the only ones who didn't have to hop onto one of Southern California's crazy freeways. Thankfully everyone was alright, and they were all able to make it, which is what matters.

And now, picture time!

The baptismal candidate, getting ready to be put in the family gown

Grandma Rosie helping me get him dressed

He looks startled because he realizes he's in a dress, but Grizz is there to tell him that it's okay, he wore a dress once. And now he TOTALLY only wears "dude clothes" so no worries.

During the ceremony. Our back yard is hot as heck now without the shade from our neighbor's trees, but we were able to borrow a couple of EZ up tents and provide coverage for almost everyone

Adam gets baptized!

Joey comes over to check on Adam (who made a few piglet noises, but did not cry excessively.)

Meanwhile, Jake is snuggling with Ellie's stuffed bunny. She was a fidgety little muffin during the ceremony - first she wanted my shoes, then she wanted some milk, then she just wanted to wander around. Thank goodness for Auntie Sara and Mimi, who wrangled her

Presenting the baby!

Our little family with all guests over the age of 70 - Father Dick, Sister Mary Brigid and Grandma Rosie

Adam's godparents, Tim's cousins Daniel and Julia

All the Fords

All the Thiels

Post ceremony, Ellie with her new best friend Mary. She was very upset that Mary wasn't going to be there when she woke up from her nap

Adam was a perfect gentleman and after being baptized, being changed and being fed he took to his swing and napped for an hour

And this picture. So, Tom is Julia's Dad. Tim is Adam's dad. Tom is Tim's godfather and Tim is Julia's godfather and now Julia is Adam's godmother. I know Tom is looking forward to when Julia has a child and perhaps chooses Adam as the godfather and they can add one more person to the pile of love on his lap.

We had a wonderful day and I feel so blessed by our family and our sweet little kiddos. I am so glad that everyone was able to come and celebrate with us, and offer their blessings to Adam.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting Grandma Rosie!

Grandma Rosie is here safe and sound, and finally got a chance to meet her first great grandson. They are pals, as you can see.

And of course, little hambone Ellie has been joining in the fun. We're so glad to have Grandma Rosie here for  a few days, and for the upcoming baptism.

Tim has today and tomorrow off, which is good because our house is a wreck inside and out. We spent most of the morning cleaning and I was feeling a bit ashamed about the state of things, and then I remembered Ellie's baptism - I hired a company to come clean the house because it felt like I'd never be able to do it myself, and my mom made all the food for the party. I'm not sure what we did with the yard, it probably just looked like crap (per usual, we are terrible home owners.) So in comparison, the fact that the floors were in dire need of a wet mop doesn't seem so bad. Tomorrow I will venture to Costco during nap time and stuff my cart with goodies. I will say, cleaning is easier with Pork Roast. Recall that Ellie could not be put down without screaming, and she didn't sleep very long during the day. Today I got the floors swept and mopped while Adam cooed at me from his bouncer providing I stayed in his sight and sang about how I was mopping my way back to you babe, with a burning love inside...

Tonight we all went out for dinner and Ellie was mostly well behaved because we told her we'd stop by the park on the way home if she was good at listening and didn't whine. We decided to let Adam try the swing for the first time.

The tiny muffin is not quite sure what to do with himself

Ellie is quite enjoying herself though!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meeting Mila.

We had a crazy busy day yesterday, but a good one! Mimi came over in the morning so she and Ellie could adventure, and just as they got home my college room mate Parissa arrived with her new baby girl Mila. Mila is five days older than Adam, and like Adam, is the product of two Bruin parents. So needless to say, she is a wonderful little girl. It's been a fun sharing the whole pregnant and newborn experience with Pari - there have been a lot of emails sent back and forth in wee hours of the night. When you're tired and frustrated and it's pitch black outside, it's nice to know that someone you live is living in the same sort of hellhole you've found yourself trapped in, ha!

It's still sort of surreal that Pari and I are both moms - it seems like just yesterday we were meeting in the dorms, only babies ourselves!

Adam and Mila got along famously. There was cooing and smiling and some batting at toys together. And Mila punched him in the face several times during play mat time. She's a feisty one!

The funniest part was seeing Ellie with Mila. She was IN LOVE with her. She begged to hold Mila and then exclaimed over how cute and tiny she is. Pari was very tolerant to let Ellie manhandle her baby. Ellie also leaned down and gave Mila a big smooch, and then squealed "she likes kisses!"

I asked Ellie who she liked best, Adam or Mila and the verdict was Mila.

We won't tell Adam, will we?

After Pari left my girlfriend Lauren came down for some family time, and Kristen and her family came over for mac and cheese dinner. I think Lauren was ready for ear plugs when she headed home, because it was a crazy night. Lots of good hooting and hollering from the girls, while the boys mostly slept in Moby wraps. It's a crazy life!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day, Part II.

Both kiddos took a good nap, and then we ran a quick errand to buy canned whipped cream at the store. Let me tell you, Ellie loves her some canned whipped cream. I mean, who doesn't? It's whipped cream, you can squirt it into your mouth like a savage, you can squirt it onto a food item like a fancy person, it makes a loud noise, it's delicious...

Then we bribed Ellie to smile in pictures by promising her a squirt of whipped cream.
The Grizz and his kiddos

Adam's face kills me. He is not that interested in picture time, and can't be bribed with dessert items yet

(still, it's better than when Grizz left him slumping.)

We had a nice dinner and then finally... WHIPPED CREAM TIME! It was delicious. No photos because we were too busy eating it.

Then it was back to having loud play time with Grizz.

And a little love time, of course.

Happy Father's Day to all of the fabulous daddies out there, especially Tim, who is the best daddy of all.

Father's Day, Part I.

Writing this while the naps last. We've had a good weekend so far - yesterday morning we woke up at 8. EIGHT. And we only woke up because Ellie crawled in bed with us. Adam was still happily sleeping in his crib, where we'd put him ten hours earlier. He is a miracle child. While we were having 3/4ths of a family snuggle, Ellie got very concerned that Tim and my wedding rings matched, but that Tim did not have an accompanying diamond ring, so she insisted that tomorrow or next week we need to go get him one for Father's Day. "It's true," she told us. Okay kid, let's buy your dad a big diamond... in my size of course.

This morning we only slept in until seven, which woe to us. It was okay though, we got up and got ourselves ready for a fun, beachy morning with Mimi and Pa, who are celebrating 40 years of wedding bliss by getting a fancy hotel room in Laguna Beach and welcoming all their brat kids and grandkids. Ellie was very excited about the prospect last night, and was irked when it took Tim his usual 20 minutes to get changed into his suit and fully sunscreened. But once we were at the beach, it became the Ellie and Pa show.

Jumping in the ocean

Digging in the sand, and the accompanying game, throw the shovel and then wait for Pa to grab it before the waves take it away, while he also tries to keep Ellie from toppling over and being swept away

Trying to run out and get everyone soaked

Ellie was, as usual, a fearless water baby. When I took her in to jump in the waves she squealed with happiness when I lifted her over the spray, and then she'd immediately start kicking her feet and paddling, trying to swim. She also enjoyed trying to play frisbee with her daddy and Pa.

Meanwhile, poor Mimi was stuck on the beach, trapped holding a fat baby. As you can see, he is totally ruining her anniversary.

Beans lasted about an hour and a half at the beach, which was perfect because we got there before it got too hot or too crowded, and by the time we were back in the room and cleaned up, it was time for lunch. Then post lunch, she and Pa played the run and twirl around game

And then the "you put your giant hat on me and I'll toss it on the floor" game

Jake came too, allowing us to get a photo of all of the Ford boys. Ellie was not intentionally excluded, she was just off insisting on being a pain.

Or just saying farewell to the ocean, until another day
Both kids crashed out hard and are hopefully getting the rest they need before visiting Grizz for Father's Day part 2.