Saturday, June 22, 2013


We have certainly had a wonderful day! After several months of planning, today was Adam Howard's baptism. Father Dick once again agreed to do us a favor and do the honor of baptizing Adam in our backyard... or so he said a few months ago. Then he forgot to write it down in his calendar, so Tim's call to him on Thursday led to a bit of panic around the house, as he was double booked to perform a wedding at the same time as the baptism.

Thankfully, the day was pretty fluid, and we were able to serve lunch first instead. The biggest issue of the day turned out to be that Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tom got hit by a motorcyclist on their way over. Please note that they live less than three miles from us and were the only ones who didn't have to hop onto one of Southern California's crazy freeways. Thankfully everyone was alright, and they were all able to make it, which is what matters.

And now, picture time!

The baptismal candidate, getting ready to be put in the family gown

Grandma Rosie helping me get him dressed

He looks startled because he realizes he's in a dress, but Grizz is there to tell him that it's okay, he wore a dress once. And now he TOTALLY only wears "dude clothes" so no worries.

During the ceremony. Our back yard is hot as heck now without the shade from our neighbor's trees, but we were able to borrow a couple of EZ up tents and provide coverage for almost everyone

Adam gets baptized!

Joey comes over to check on Adam (who made a few piglet noises, but did not cry excessively.)

Meanwhile, Jake is snuggling with Ellie's stuffed bunny. She was a fidgety little muffin during the ceremony - first she wanted my shoes, then she wanted some milk, then she just wanted to wander around. Thank goodness for Auntie Sara and Mimi, who wrangled her

Presenting the baby!

Our little family with all guests over the age of 70 - Father Dick, Sister Mary Brigid and Grandma Rosie

Adam's godparents, Tim's cousins Daniel and Julia

All the Fords

All the Thiels

Post ceremony, Ellie with her new best friend Mary. She was very upset that Mary wasn't going to be there when she woke up from her nap

Adam was a perfect gentleman and after being baptized, being changed and being fed he took to his swing and napped for an hour

And this picture. So, Tom is Julia's Dad. Tim is Adam's dad. Tom is Tim's godfather and Tim is Julia's godfather and now Julia is Adam's godmother. I know Tom is looking forward to when Julia has a child and perhaps chooses Adam as the godfather and they can add one more person to the pile of love on his lap.

We had a wonderful day and I feel so blessed by our family and our sweet little kiddos. I am so glad that everyone was able to come and celebrate with us, and offer their blessings to Adam.

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