Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meeting Mila.

We had a crazy busy day yesterday, but a good one! Mimi came over in the morning so she and Ellie could adventure, and just as they got home my college room mate Parissa arrived with her new baby girl Mila. Mila is five days older than Adam, and like Adam, is the product of two Bruin parents. So needless to say, she is a wonderful little girl. It's been a fun sharing the whole pregnant and newborn experience with Pari - there have been a lot of emails sent back and forth in wee hours of the night. When you're tired and frustrated and it's pitch black outside, it's nice to know that someone you live is living in the same sort of hellhole you've found yourself trapped in, ha!

It's still sort of surreal that Pari and I are both moms - it seems like just yesterday we were meeting in the dorms, only babies ourselves!

Adam and Mila got along famously. There was cooing and smiling and some batting at toys together. And Mila punched him in the face several times during play mat time. She's a feisty one!

The funniest part was seeing Ellie with Mila. She was IN LOVE with her. She begged to hold Mila and then exclaimed over how cute and tiny she is. Pari was very tolerant to let Ellie manhandle her baby. Ellie also leaned down and gave Mila a big smooch, and then squealed "she likes kisses!"

I asked Ellie who she liked best, Adam or Mila and the verdict was Mila.

We won't tell Adam, will we?

After Pari left my girlfriend Lauren came down for some family time, and Kristen and her family came over for mac and cheese dinner. I think Lauren was ready for ear plugs when she headed home, because it was a crazy night. Lots of good hooting and hollering from the girls, while the boys mostly slept in Moby wraps. It's a crazy life!

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