Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Boy.

We had our ten week well baby check up today, even though Adam is a solid 11.5 weeks. He is also a solid chunk of baby - over thirteen pounds now, and almost a full pound bigger than Ellie was at the same age. And his head, while it doesn't look as big, is in the 98th percentile. I can't say I'm surprised. The visit went well and the doctor pronounced him perfect, which, DUH. The bad news is that he got two shots, and is currently slightly feverish and sleeping in the Moby wrap while I rock him in the recliner and pat his little behind. The fancy recliner is the best baby product, hands down. I wish we'd had it when Ellie was born.

It's been a rather long couple of days. The other day it took me two hours to get Ellie down for a nap, and then Adam didn't sleep more than 30 minutes at a clip. Yesterday he was awake and vaguely crabby from 4pm until bed time. It's just hard to feel like the second I get one kid placated, the other one is awake and needing attention. Can't mama catch a break? Plus then I have my jerk cats all up in my face. While waiting for me to get Adam to sleep last night Lulu helpfully went and turned over their water bowl. All my little animals, competing to see who I should murder first!

And I was on my own for bath and bed time last night. The good news is that Ellie was a great listener and hardly a crab apple. She can be so very sweet at the end of the day, and so snuggly during book and song time (Adam entertained himself with some screaming in his swing after a ten minute cat nap.) Then after much eating and rocking Adam went to sleep around 9:30....

...and didn't make a peep until 6:15am. YESSSSSSSS. We actually had to wake Ellie at 8 to get her ready for preschool. DOUBLE YESSSSSS.

The cats are still annoying of course. Though pre-nap time today it was pretty funny - I was nursing Adam, reading Ellie a book and using my free hand to pet Thor, who was so happy that he drooled all over my leg and the couch.

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