Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day, Part I.

Writing this while the naps last. We've had a good weekend so far - yesterday morning we woke up at 8. EIGHT. And we only woke up because Ellie crawled in bed with us. Adam was still happily sleeping in his crib, where we'd put him ten hours earlier. He is a miracle child. While we were having 3/4ths of a family snuggle, Ellie got very concerned that Tim and my wedding rings matched, but that Tim did not have an accompanying diamond ring, so she insisted that tomorrow or next week we need to go get him one for Father's Day. "It's true," she told us. Okay kid, let's buy your dad a big diamond... in my size of course.

This morning we only slept in until seven, which woe to us. It was okay though, we got up and got ourselves ready for a fun, beachy morning with Mimi and Pa, who are celebrating 40 years of wedding bliss by getting a fancy hotel room in Laguna Beach and welcoming all their brat kids and grandkids. Ellie was very excited about the prospect last night, and was irked when it took Tim his usual 20 minutes to get changed into his suit and fully sunscreened. But once we were at the beach, it became the Ellie and Pa show.

Jumping in the ocean

Digging in the sand, and the accompanying game, throw the shovel and then wait for Pa to grab it before the waves take it away, while he also tries to keep Ellie from toppling over and being swept away

Trying to run out and get everyone soaked

Ellie was, as usual, a fearless water baby. When I took her in to jump in the waves she squealed with happiness when I lifted her over the spray, and then she'd immediately start kicking her feet and paddling, trying to swim. She also enjoyed trying to play frisbee with her daddy and Pa.

Meanwhile, poor Mimi was stuck on the beach, trapped holding a fat baby. As you can see, he is totally ruining her anniversary.

Beans lasted about an hour and a half at the beach, which was perfect because we got there before it got too hot or too crowded, and by the time we were back in the room and cleaned up, it was time for lunch. Then post lunch, she and Pa played the run and twirl around game

And then the "you put your giant hat on me and I'll toss it on the floor" game

Jake came too, allowing us to get a photo of all of the Ford boys. Ellie was not intentionally excluded, she was just off insisting on being a pain.

Or just saying farewell to the ocean, until another day
Both kids crashed out hard and are hopefully getting the rest they need before visiting Grizz for Father's Day part 2.

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