Friday, June 26, 2009

To Infinity, and BEYOND!

It's been a nice couple of weeks. We had really good Fathers Day Weekends with our fathers, or as I like to call him, my Fajah. The Thiels went down to the pier in San Clemente and had some drinks and some foods from the sea and then mom and I helped Sara lose at checkers to dad.

Yesterday I was able to take a break from Cabaret to see one of Tim and I's ultimate icons - Buzz Aldrin, astronaut, author and all around awesome guy. Last year, we had seen the Discovery Channel series "When We Left Earth," which features interviews with the men who helped launch America into space. Together, Tim and I found a shared love for the space race. He particularly loves the technology and the engineering, and feels a commonality for his bespectacled, pocket-protected nerd comrades. I cry over the human interest stories. We watched every episode of the series, and then moved on to various other documentaries and movies, as well as reading autobiographies of various influential figures. Gene Krantz's Failure is Not an Option is a special favorite, as is Jim Lovell's Lost Moon (which was the inspiration for the movie "Apollo 13.") We've discussed in detail our favorite figures and our favorite moments, and when we were at Borders a few weeks ago and saw a flyer advertising Buzz Aldrin's appearance for his new book Magnificent Desolation we knew we had to be there. IN FACT, we showed up at 9am yesterday to buy our copies of his book. Note that Borders did not open until 10. Then I was back at the store at 4:30 to grab us seats in the second row.

The presentation was amazing. Buzz is 79 years old, and may have lost a step or two along the way, but he's an incredibly sweet, funny man. His new book is partially about his journey to the moon, but also, about his battles with depression and alcoholism - things that were extremely taboo when he was suffering in the 1970s. He's now got 30 years of sobriety, is in an incredibly happy marriage, and out to help others and tell his story. I love him so! We were able to get our books signed and meet him, and it was really the thrill of 2009. When we left, Tim and I both looked at each other and were like, "we met Buzz! We just met Buzz!" We were like four year olds on Christmas morning. It was SO COOL. I only regret that I didn't get a better picture of Tim and Buzz (the Borders ladies were pushy!)

Now if I could only meet Jim Lovell and Gene Krantz... I would truly be over the moon!

This weekend Tim is off to play video games, and I am off to sit on the couch by myself and read books and be a hermit. It will be a beautiful thing. I have a couple of open houses to see - hopefully I will find Tim and I's house. Man, this househunting... keep your fingers crossed!

Buzz, sharing some awesomeness.

Signing Tim's book

Me shaking his hand. I cannot WAIT for the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing this summer!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Love.

A current list.

1. Rhinestones - par for the course.

2. Cabaret - Tim and I went and saw a screening of it through the LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats program. I just fell in love with the movie (and young Michael York, naturally.) It has singing, it has dancing, it has a love story, it has a fight against the Nazis! It's just like the Sound of Music, but with additional adult themes. Clearly, a winner. The Last Remaining Seats features are great - they had Michael York as the special guest, talking about making the movie and about preserving historic LA landmarks, so that was really cool. Since I hadn't seen the movie yet, I didn't know that I was in love with his character from the film, which is good, because then I didn't yell out "I am in love with a younger version of you!" Probably for the best.

3. The Los Angeles Theater - site of our movie, and an amazing piece of architecture. The theater itself is huge and gorgeous. The bathroom stalls are all done in different kinds of marble. There's a little nursery done up with circus themes. And they let us go into the projection room and out on to the roof! It was a really fun evening.

The inside of the Los Angeles theater

The entryway.

View from the roof.

4. Bottega Louie - it's a few blocks from my office and the site of many a coffee break. Tim and I met there for little appetizer plates last night. I cannot praise that place enough. I want to have every birthday party at that restaurant for the rest of my natural life!

5. The new Dave Matthews Band album - DMB makes me feel 16 years old, or like some overgrown hippie with a hacky sack, but man, I love the new disc. I have been listening to tracks 2 and 6 at full volume for the past two days, every chance I get.

6. Cat children - see below.
(they hate being held together... I mean, Lulu hates being held at all. But I think holding two kitties is HYSTERICAL.)

We continue to househunt for a new home for the cats. Nothing has been good enough so far, but we continue to pester our realtor and drive around judging various homes for sale. Someday we will find something in a nice enough neighborhood, with enough space, that doesn't look like a crime scene inside. SOMEDAY!

Now I have to go watch Cabaret, streamed from Netflix. I forsee myself watching every day for the rest of the week.