Thursday, April 29, 2010

Successful Accessory Time!

Tuesday was BBBSGLA's Accessories for Success Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It's a great afternoon, mainly for ladies, and features a luncheon and awards presentation, a fashion show, a silent auction and a boutique. Last year I managed to snag a bunch of crazy vintage clothes that were donated by a vendor. This year I got to man the "buy it now" table with crazy donated accessories. But more importantly, I got to entertain some very fabulous guests - my mommy, Tim's mommy, and old friend Jackie (I mean old in the "long have we known each other" way, I am not making fun of her for her recent birthday!)

It was so fun to have my ladies in attendance. They got to put the faces to the names when it comes to all of my zany coworkers. I also think they had a fun time lunching and shopping (sorry Dad.) After the official show was over, they hung around for awhile to chat with everyone, and then we retired to the Polo Lounge upstairs. I had promised them that if they went to the Polo Lounge, they might see a celebrity, and we quickly spotted Lionel Richie when we sat down (however, we were not close enough to say "hello, is it me you're looking for?" which is unfortunate.)

The person who really made out like a bandit though is Wolfie. One of the auction packages was a baby bundle with a stroller, some very soft blankies, baby-sensitive bath products and a vibrating baby chair. I thought for sure it'd get bidded up early on (because as one of our volunteers said "babies are the ultimate accessory") but I guess not too many kids were shopping for their kids or grandkids. However, I was able to talk the mommies into going in on it. Wolfie is feeling pretty set right now. Bonus - one of the basket had a soft as a baby blanket, but it's big enough to wrap around a mommy! I am just trying it out for him, and will turn it over to Wolfie when he is born, of course. Until then I will use it to entice my cat babies to snuggle with me.

Tomorrow is my big meeting, and I'm taking an earlier train (this is after two really tired days where I took a slightly later, much nicer Amtrak train to get to work.) I'm excited, but ready to have some down time after a crazy week. I've got a bridal shower in Woodland Hills on Saturday, but after that, IT'S NAP TIME.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Quickie.

In case you were worried, Thory both threw up and pooped out a hairball on Thursday morning. So that's good news. Even better - he did it in front of Tim while I wasn't home, so I didn't have to be at all involved in cleaning it up!

Also, the verdict is in on the copier at work, so that's one thing off my plate. Now, on to some more event planning and execution, and a meeting on Friday. UGH. Going in to work wearing slacks FIVE DAYS A WEEK? It's like slave labor.

We had a nice weekend. Friday night we had a mini date, and then Saturday we went to the farmers market to buy organic fruit like a bunch of hippies. Then mom and I went to the bead show at the Bower Museum and the Barn. Hooray for buying sparkly and gently used things! Then I tortured my parents for staying for dinner (Tim was at a movie with his boyfriends) and dad and I watched the Twins beat the Royals (even though it took them 12 innings, and the last out was clearly BS. But as Gardy says, "the umpire called him out, so I don't give a flip."

Today we were supposed to attend Daniel's confirmation. We got there 20 minutes early and it was already standing room only. So... we split and went to start the party at El Torito, and then later assured Daniel that it had been a beautiful ceremony. Uncle Mike (Daniel's sponsor) managed to hang on, as did Sister Mary Brigid, who is probably praying for all of our heathen souls for skipping out. It was a very fun afternoon - of course more fun after the man of the hour and his family actually arrived.

Then Tim and I scooted out in time to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D. Highly recommend. My favorite part was realizing that cats are basically mini-dragons, as imagined by this movie (except for the dumb dragons. They were more like dogs.)

And now, it's nearly 10pm, so I have to go to bed. But here is Petunia, modeling the bib that mom knitted for Wolfie. Only 10 more days until my next ultrasound - I am excited to see my little friend again. And awesome news - our friends Cory and Natalie are also expecting! Wolfie and Optimus Prime are going to be besties someday, just like their daddies.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cat Butts & Copiers.

It's been kind of a funny today. I was a sleepy little muffin - we were up four times last night listening to Thor work on a hairball. On our bed. At this point, I'd be happy to step on a wet hairball with bare feet if it meant he'd expelled while I was at work. No luck though - and Thor cringed when Tim petted his hind end, which we learned via a $500 vet bill with Lulu a few years ago means that the cat is probably as backed up as a dam with a little Dutch boy's finger in it. So, it'll be more cat laxative for him tonight, which is sad because he hates it. The funny thing is that Lulu loves it, so while I am trying to pry Thor's mouth open, I am also trying to push Lula away from the tube of laxatone.

Okay. Enough about my cat's butt.

It also felt like a weird day because of the weather. On my six mile drive to the train station it was sunny, then drizzling, then sunny again, then POURING, then sunny. See?

It's also kind of weird at the office because we're preparing for a site visit with a funder that will potentially give us the money for a new office copy machine (our current one is an outdated, black and white hunk of junk.) Since I'm responsible for putting together the budget for the grant, I am now basically in charge of picking out the copier and getting quotes on it. On a small team, there's no room for people saying "hey, this isn't my job!" but after I met with three copy machine reps today, I did have a moment of "this isn't my job," but the upside is, I am learning a lot about copiers, and the brass seems to be ready to accept whatever recommendation I make. So, stay posted for my final verdict!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, I think the slumber party was quite a success. The girls are such good little nuggets. We made pizza and watched Singin' in the Rain on Friday night, and then at 10:30 Tim and I could barely keep our eyes open, so we made everyone go to bed! As he and I were settling in, Tim goes "I'm sure they'll settle down soon," to which I replied, "you have never been a little girl before - they could very well giggle all night." Julia had to take off at 7:30am to head to a Girl Scouts function, but Katie and Mary managed to sleep until 9 on Saturday, and then we made strawberry pancakes and hung out with the cats, before going over to mom and dad's for some quality maxing and relaxing poolside (well, they maxed, I relaxed.)

We had a great time. Though I must admit, when the girls were picked up by their aunt Barbara, I went to bed and slept for two and a half hours, and only got up because I needed to get showered and changed in time for dinner with Judy.

Sunday, we did some real homeowner stuff. You heard it here first - Tim mowed the lawn. Our house came with a free lawnmower, but Tim had to go buy an extension cord, because apparently we have an electric mower. That's right, it plugs into the house. Just like our grill. Oh, our crazy house.

Look at Tim go! And I know, we need to get the ivy cleaned up. It's on my list.

We had a lovely duffy boat cruise and dinner with the Fockers yesterday, and ended up evening with frogurt, and copious use of Don's shredder. Farewell, pay stubs from my crappy job from 2004, which lists both my social security number and my checking account number, oh so helpfully!

In other news, I am 14 weeks pregnant, which in pregnant land math, is 4 months pregnant. No, I'm with you - it doesn't seem correct, but that's what they say. I find pregnancy math to be even harder than regular math ever was. Today my coworker brought in a copy of her 3D ultrasound on DVD and I was totally jealous. I can't wait to see Wolfie again! Until then, I will just keep playing him songs on my iPod, and waiting for him to give me a kick or two.

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Weekend.

Some people are headed out to Indio to see the Coachella music and arts festival but me? I am hosting a SLUMBER PARTY! In an hour I'll be on my way to pick up Julia, Katie and Mary. That's right, all of the Smith girl cousins between the ages of 5 and 30 in one house, watching movie musicals, making pizza, giving each other manicures and generally misbehaving while their parents are out of town or otherwise occupied.

Today I had to run to the medical plaza to get blood drawn for my 'roid. It was blessedly brief - so brief in fact that the parking guy didn't charge me for my fifteen minute stay. I stopped my Trader Joes to grab ingredients for dinner (well, all of the ingredients except pizza dough, NICE JOB MEG) and I got to see a little girl walking out of the store yelling at her mom, "I hate you! I hate you! You're so mean! I didn't do ANYTHING!" I patted my belly and thought "what have I done?"

Thankfully, I have a few more months before Wolfie learns how to talk. I know, Thiel family, and then if he's anything like me, he'll never shut up haha. BRING IT ON, BABY.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to my Crib!

A few weeks ago, my friend and coworker Lisa offered me her baby crib. Her daughter Graysen is three and in a "big girl bed" (at least for part of the night, and yes, I did offer my dad's solution to a kid that doesn't want to sleep in her own bed, but Steve and Lisa don't think hearing their daughter scream "my leg is broken! I broke my leg! Won't you come help me? Don't you love me?" would be something they would find funny haha. Mom and Dad still have a laugh at my three year old antics, and the good news is that I am relatively unscarred.)

Last night we were going to be in the LA area, so we swung by and picked up the crib. Lisa's really glad to have it out of her bedroom, and promises us that it has good karma (hers is actually the second baby who has loved on the crib.) I should be so lucky that our baby grows up as cute and sweet as Graysen. We brought all of the pieces out to the Fit, and then got to work trying to jenga everything in. The miracle? IT FIT. The Fit wins again! In order to get the headboard in, we had to: flatten out the seats, scoot the front seats up almost to the dashboard, take the headrests off the front seats and roll down the back windows, in order to get the legs of the headboard in, finally. But after about ten minutes of sweating and swearing, we were good to go, with room for Tim and I to actually ride along.

Check us out!

The only bad news was that the front seats were up too far for Tim to actually drive.

Behold, our noble electric blue steed.

Our actual plan for the evening (other than crib collection) was a birthday party for one of Tim's old coworkers. It was at a bar in Santa Monica and it was a really nice night. Lance is a total schmoozer, great at introducing people to one another, really working the party. His friends were also super nice and I had a lovely time guzzling Shirley Temples and water. Tim used his guaranteed designated driver to put on a buzz. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being DD... the only issue is that normally, when I'm in the car with Tim, I like to be either 1) reading or 2) sleeping. This parasite... I mean Wolfie... makes it almost impossible for me to stay up past 10pm, but with a hearty mid-afternoon nap, I was able to be fun at the party until 11:30, and make it home safe by 12:30. My copilot does get two thumbs up for controlling the iPod and keeping the sing a long loud and rowdy.

Speaking of cars, mom decided that the yellow Bug was not safe enough for a tiny babykins. So on Friday she and Dad went and picked up her lovely new red Toyota Prius. It's a great little car, and I'm sure Wolfie will enjoy making a ruckus in the backseat. I've already tried asking Dad if he would be ME a new car for Wolfie. He says no, and that Wolfie will be fine in the last new car he bought me. You can't blame me for trying!

This morning I got my hair cut, and am now contemplating how long of a midafternoon nap I should take. For right now, I am snuggled up on the couch with my bfunk and my cat children. It's a nice life.

OH! We also saw Date Night yesterday afternoon, and I must say, I highly recommend. Unless you don't like funny things. In which case, why are you reading this blog?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last One For Awhile.

Get a good look at him, because it's the last ultrasound for awhile. Tim and I went in this morning for a screening ultrasound and some bloodwork. Thankfully, everything looks great, and we got to spend quite a bit of time looking at our baby in action. He's very active - totally squirming around and kicking and showing off. The tech said that he's got very long legs and made a joke about him being a marathon runner. You know that would make Uncle Jakey happy. It's amazing to me how much he's beginning to resemble a little person (except for when he turned full face to the camera, and then he sort of looked like a scary skull alien thing.) The other cool thing is that he's big enough now that even if I don't feel it, he's reacting to my outside stimuli. When I poke my belly, he feels it and reacts. When the tech needed to get a different angle on him, she had me roll to my side and cough et voila, when I turned back, he'd moved into position. I can't wait to feel him start kicking!

The good news now is that I don't have to go back to the doctor's for another month. FINALLY. I have stuff to do! I do still have more appointments with the endocrinologist, but hopefully at some point I'll be able to better time my appointments so not every work from home day involves a trip out to the medical plaza.

It was kind of a funny, crazy day at the doctor's today. We ended up waiting longer than expected (which did give me a chance to stare at a bunch of really darling newborns.) Our doc arrived shortly after we did, having come from a birth in the morning. One of the other doctors got called out for an emergency delivery, so there was a little nutsiness around that. And THEN a girl passed out getting her blood drawn just as I went back to get mine done. She had a really flat belly, so I can only guess that it was her first appointment. Oh honey, you're going to have a tough nine months. On the flipside, I do not pass out, and I have huge, beautiful veins.

In other news, I have much enjoyed watching the Twins and the Angels in their opening series. I am already plotting how next year I will be able to take Wolfie to his first baseball game and make him a Circle Me Bert sign (Wolfie is a diehard Twins fan and is already really looking forward to wearing his Twins booties from Auntie Renee, in case you are wondering.) He is also a big fan of the caramel Sweet Shop egg I just ate (thanks grandma!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

shake, shake, shake

Just a quick note to say that we survived the quake. We were at Uncle Mike & Aunt Debbie's with the Ford hoard. It was really a roller, and for a second I thought it was just me getting dizzy (then I thought how chagrined I'd be to pass out after bragging about how well pregnancy is treating me.)

Mostly, I was peeved that my boyfriend, rather than coming inside to check on me, immediately whipped out his phone yo get info on the quake. I hate earthquakes - they always make me cry. But tears are the worst that happened.

Happy Easter!

It's been a couple of wild days. Friday morning I headed over to the doc's for another appointment. Mostly to talk about my blood pressure (which is very reactive to stress, but not something that requires medication at this time) but since I was there, they decided to take a look at the Wolf-meister. It's amazing how much different he looks after only two weeks. That thing by his head is his hand and arm - he actually has them now, rather than just a flipper!

From there, Tim and I went to the funeral of our friends Brad and Shannon's baby daughter. It was a beautiful memorial for a sweet little girl taken way before her time, but oh, it was so hard to sit through. I'm glad we were able to be there, and we'll be doing what we can to be a support for Brad and Shannon and their families.

Friday night I had a girls sleepover with Kate and Sara. We ordered pizza and make Easter baked goods and watching "Singin' in the Rain." And then I had to go to bed at 10:30, because I am an old person.

Then yesterday morning was frosting festival!

Thanks to Kathi sending me all of her fabulous cookie cutters, we had several kinds of Easter bunnies, some Easter cats and Easter squirrels.

It's funny because the sugar cookie recipe is my grandma's. As I was starting, I thought about doubling it, just to make sure we had enough. Obviously, I should have known that Grandma Pat would have never shortchanged on a cookie recipe - one batch made PLENTY.

When we got cleaned up, we went over and convinced mom and Auntie Lisa that we should get pedis done. One lady at the salon was like, "oh how nice that you're all friends and came in together," to which we replied, "we're not friends. We're related." Lisa managed to keep her giggles to a minimum this time during the foot scrub.

Then last night mom and dad hosted a fabulous party for the Fockers, Jan and Jim, Ed and Judy. We had sausages and weiners from the farmers market, PLENTY of desserts and then some basketball watching and loud talking. A perfect evening all around.

The jalapeno sausage ones were my favorite, I must say. That Wolfie loves him some spicy food!