Friday, June 28, 2013

My Sweeties.

I hope they always love each other this much.

I had a big outing last night with my girlfriends - my first Professional Development Meeting since before I had Adam (Professional Development is what we moms call our drinking and gabbing sessions. Husbands and babies not invited! But we talk about them, and since most of us are full time stay at home moms, it's our career! And we're developing it! Trading tips and networking and all.) It was also Tim's first time doing bed time for two babies. He handled it well, there were no frantic texts or messages begging me to come home. Adam took a bottle, gave Tim the business and then was asleep when I got home. I went in and did a dream feed and then he slept until 7ish, with a small wake up for whining and hand sucking at 4:30. He is such a good baby.

Tim said that at one point Adam was crying and he was trying to comfort him, and Ellie helpfully piped up "he doesn't want you daddy. He wants mommy." When Tim asked Ellie if she wanted mommy, she said "no, I want yooooooou."

Adam's starting to stick his thumb in his pie hole. Most of the stuff I've heard about thumb sucking says that it is the devil, and better to get your kid on a pacifier because you can take it away, whereas your kid will be sucking their thumb until college if they start now, and you'll pay eighty million dollars for orthodontics during their life time. Personally, I sucked two fingers on my left hand well into middle school and never needed braces, and didn't stand around with my hand in my mouth at all times during my youth. Tim did not suck his thumb or fingers and had eighty million dollars in dental work. It all just seems like luck of the draw, so if Piglet wants to shove a specific part of his hand into his face so that I don't have to get out of bed and go rock him or feed him, FINE BY ME!

He's such a funny little guy. I love all the smiling and cooing, and it cracks me up how different he is about nursing, compared to Ellie. When she was eating, she was EATING. I don't think she bothered to make eye contact with me during meal times until she was old enough to talk. She'd just sort of stare at my collarbone and act like I was bothering her. Adam already has started stopping eating so that he can smile at me or coo about what a good time he's having. Ellie's colic often made me feel like I couldn't do anything right and I was a terrible, terrible mother, and so it's been a relief to have a baby who thinks I'm pretty great (I know Ellie thought I was pretty great too... but it was hard to feel that way at the time.) Thank goodness now she's big enough to tell me how much she loves me. Even if she likes Tim best most days.

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