Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Yesterday we headed out to Yorba Linda after nap time to celebrate Mimi's recent birthday. Ellie was VERY excited about the prospect, as she loves to celebrate birthdays (and eat cake. Mostly, she likes to eat cake.) We got there just in time for our boat ride around the lake. Ellie got to wear her sweet new life vest, Adam got to sleep in the moby wrap, as he does.

We got to see plenty of baby ducklings, which were incredibly cute. Of course, Ellie's favorite part was when we spotted a bunny eating grass in someone's yard. She begged Pa to circle back to the bunny about ten times (and he indulged.) There was also some dancing on the boat, some demanding to splash around in the lake water, and the eating of many crackers.

And then of course, dinner and celebration time. Adam slept, Ellie mowed through a cupcake, and we all had some peach pie, which I made using the peaches from our tree. I am not generally a fruit pie person (pecan pie 4 life!) but man, it was a good pie, if I do say so myself. I foresee making more over the summer. The first boat ride of the season was a nice way to kick off the summer - it's going to be a busy one!

Big girl feeding the baby ducks

Funny face on the boat

Adam's first boat ride

Awake and snuggling for a bit

Happy birthday Mimi!

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