Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Sweet Kiddos.

She picked out this outfit. She is absolutely in love with my lavender heels, which is good, because they do not love my feet. At least someone is using them!

Ellie is now well into the three and a half range, though there are many days where I look at her and cannot believe she's not four already. She's tall for her age, and seems so capable. She can dress herself, she gets incredibly mad if you try to help her with her shoes, she can practically make pancakes by herself these days. As evidenced, she loves singing and dancing to the Nth degree and has the most amazing imagination. Lately, she's gone back to being obsessed with playdoh, and mostly cuts out a bunch of shapes for cookies or pancakes. She's just so fun and smart and spirited - she definitely keeps us on our toes. She is already an expert at Angry Birds, and when she kills some pigs, she goes "boosh! Gotcha!" in a way that shows very much what a daddy's girl she is. I can't wait until she learns to read - then the real fun will begin!

And here we have Adam Howard, who recently passed the fourteen month mark. As predicted, once he started walking, he hasn't stopped. He's sort of hilarious because he still waves his arms around a little to keep himself balanced. I like to call him Muchacho Burracho. As noted, unlike Ellie he doesn't mind wearing shoes. Right now he just has some little slipper type dealies, but we will be getting him his first real pair in the coming days (SOB!) He can say a few words here and there, likes to imitate sneezing, and shakes his head no. He's such a smiley doo, such an easy kiddo, though when the dramatics hit, they hit hard. He'll lay face down on the floor and cry, and his screams could break glass. He is also naughtier than Ellie was at this age - he's into EVERYTHING. Loves to get out kitchen towels and tupperware and throw them around the house. Unrolls the toilet paper. Goes for any electronic device in sight. He likes to use his fork to pick up Cheerios at dinner time. He enjoys putting on the plastic beaded necklaces at Gigi's house, and the other day in the car when a Lady Gaga song came on he immediately started waving his arms. He fits in well with this crazy family.

They're so hilarious together. Watching them in the bath tub splashing, hearing them make each other laugh, watching them learn how to be siblings. We have a lot of discussions about gentle hands with Adam, and a lot of discussions about how little brothers are always going to knock over block towers with Ellie. I feel so lucky to be their mom, and to watch them grow up together.

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