Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ehhhh, So Hot.

It continues to be so hot that I want to give up on life. I would say that I want to go lay in a ditch, but it's too hot for ditch time. Thankfully, we have air conditioning, and I have no qualms about running it whenever we're home. And the patio cover helps the house stay cooler than it did last year. Mostly, I wish Adam would start walking reliably, so I don't have him stuck to me at all times.

Today we had music class, and our little buddy the Juddy has started walking in the last week. So while the girls skipped around the room and did their own thing, the boys took some steps together, Judd very confidently, Adam with a lot of staggering. They had their first moment of standing and trying to hug each other, which was cute (the girls hugged a bunch, as always.) I can't believe how quickly they're growing! And our group of friends will have two more little baby boys before the summer is over - last week we went over to meet new baby Jameson and show his mom how to tie him up in the Moby wrap. It made me miss having tiny baby wearing hippie time with Adam (though again, he can start doing all his walking whenever he wants. I get so sweaty that I pit stain my ergo. GROSS.)

I took this today, hoping Adam would do some good walking, but as you can see, he just did some good cat torturing.

We spent the latter part of the afternoon in the water park in my back yard - wading pool AND water table, and all of the toys. I even put on my suit to go and sit with them, because I couldn't take it any more. Ellie spent most of her time making tea, and Adam chewed on things. And then I gave them a bath, made them some sandwiches and tossed them in the stroller for a late evening run. We saw a bunny, we got home before dark and everyone went to bed at a decent hour, right before Tim arrived home from a late night. Not much more that you can ask for!

Here you can see him on Mother's Day, giving some love to Bitty Baby, who he snuggles any time he can get his hands on her. He is such a funny, sweet little boy. He picks up baby dolls and snuggles them up and pats them on the back. He'll do the same thing with his lambies. He's going to be a fine daddy someday. Meanwhile, if Ellie catches him with Bitty, she rips the doll from his hands. She is a prime big sister.

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