Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fresh Start.

What a farty holiday weekend! So many gross body things happening, so much stir craziness! Tim got sick yesterday morning, and Mimi and Pa thankfully stepped in and let us come over to their house and go swimming in their community pools. It was a total life saver! Ellie had been absolutely desperate to go swimming and to see friends, and this fit the bill perfectly. She is really turning into quite the little fish - she can dog paddle a few strokes by herself, and has no problem doing so with her whole face underwater. She did a lot of jumping off the wall of the pool, and she was so excited that she could touch in the shallow end. She would bob a few lengths away, then turn and swim over to where she could grab on to my leg. Her absolute fearlessness impresses me so much, and makes me so happy. It's my job to keep her safe around the pool, and I know that she'll learn to be a real swimmer even more quickly since she doesn't have to overcome any fear of the water. Adam was happy to do a few laps, and mostly enjoyed walking around on the grass with Mimi.

Today things were much more back to normal, except I felt like I wanted to make it up to the little turds that they didn't have a great weekend. Sooooo, OFF TO THE PETTING ZOO! This was the first time that Adam has really gone with the intent to enjoy the place. Usually he's in the ergo, and during his early months, almost always asleep. He enjoyed the corn bin and petted a single binny pig.

I am pretty sure he's going to have some corn poops in the next few days.

Ellie found herself a nice friend too
And she got to ride on the biggest pony there

And adventured a little bit on Los Rios street

They took some nice naps, and then Auntie Sara and Gigi came by for a bit while the kiddos splashed in their wading pool. And Tim was home and well enough to have dinner with us tonight!

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