Saturday, May 24, 2014


Everyone made it through the night. Ellie got sick once after we put her in bed, and then slept through until 6:30, when she woke up asking for some oatmeal. She ate breakfast and lunch and kept it all down, though she did fall asleep in the stroller on our family walk. Adam has really done the best of all the sickness victims, and I wonder if it's because he's still nursing. I tried to sneak Ellie a smoothie with some breastmilk in it, but she wasn't having it (Adam has eaten it instead.)

So, we're holding it together, and mostly I'm thankful that we didn't plan on having a cook out this weekend, I can barely stomach the thought of most of the bland food in my fridge - certainly glad I don't have to figure out how to choke down hot dogs and cole slaw. Instead, we are focusing on getting all of the laundry done - the mountains of towels and bed linens. Yesterday we took all of Ellie's "friends" out of her bed during nap time, and today she threw them all back in happily.

She is so sweet, even when she doesn't feel well. She's done her best to take care of me. She keeps insisting that she wants to make cookies for our friends for the holiday weekend. Mostly she wants to bring them to Clare, which is especially hilarious because I doubt Cara, who is in her third trimester with Clare's little brother, wants a bunch of germy cookies, especially since she has gestational diabetes. We keep reminding Ellie that no one wants to hang out with barfy friends, and maybe we can do something on Monday. In the mean time, we're basically letting her watch all of the TV she wants to watch, or at least I am, because I want to lay in bed even more than the kids do. Lulu was very excited that we got to have extended sick bed time yesterday. If I wasn't spooning one of my girls, I was spooning the other.

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