Friday, May 23, 2014

Holiday Weekend.

Well. We certainly know how to have fun. Last night I rented a movie for Tim and I to watch, and after we put the kids to bed we settled down. Shortly thereafter, I got a text from my mom saying that my sister had just thrown up, and I told her I was feeling sort of sour stomached too. Hoping for the best, I went to bed early... and then had to get up and throw up about once an hour until the wee smalls.

So Tim stayed home from work today (that mooch, taking a four day weekend!) and I mostly laid in bed and prayed to die. He took the kids to the park and they came home right before lunch time, and as Ellie was whining about what she wanted to eat, she puked too. NOOOOOOO! I feel like the rule of 24 hour bugs should be that no one can get them at the same time. And of course, Adam then threw up during nap time. My poor little loves. Adam seemed to recover relatively quickly and spent most of the afternoon walking around and chattering, but Ellie and I ended up spooned on the couch through two viewings of Frozen and a watch of Cinderella. I wonder what those two movies are doing to her brain, in terms of messaging.

Now the kiddos are in bed, hopefully to sleep through the night. I feel terrible sending them to bed without supper, but hopefully they'll wake up ready to go, and Tim will avoid this plague. Sara says she's feeling better, but I'm still feeling meh.

And now, a video of Adam walking. He's now walking probably 75% of the time, and unlike Ellie, he loves wearing his shoes (not pictured.)

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