Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yeehaw, Y'all!

My weekend in Austin, Texas was amazing, y'all. I felt like I was 25 again, in the best possible way. It makes me feel so happy and grateful that this group of girlfriends makes getting together a priority, and that we're able to pick up where we left off, even though we live all over the country right now, and are all in different places in our lives.

In the 72 hours I was there, I was able to:

-spend lots of time gabbing and gossiping my face off
-eat an amazing meal at Qui, owned by Top Chef winner Paul Qui
-learn how to two step and dance with my girlfriends and also strangers at the Broken Spoke, an old time honky tonk
-go swimming at Barton Springs, and do a couple of back flips off the diving board, like a badass
-perform some fabulous karaoke at the divy-est dive bar I've been in, while also doing shots like I was in college

Tim and the kids had a great weekend together. I was initially worried about the fact that I was leaving before they woke up on Friday and coming home after bed time on Sunday, but it worked out fine. My alarm was set to go off at 4:30 on Friday morning, and Adam woke up to eat at 4:22, giving me enough time to feed him and get ready before Grizz showed up to drive me to John Wayne. And on Sunday I got home, fed Adam and unpacked, and then when I went in to check on Ellie she woke up for a minute and I got to snuggle up with her. They ate meals at Gigi's house, and spent Saturday with Mimi, enjoying the East Lake pools. Then Ellie was able to stay over night to give Tim a break, and he took the crew to Judd's first birthday party (I also missed Lexi's last birthday party because I was with my England girlfriends, funnily enough.) I'm so lucky to have such a great partner, so that I don't have to worry about how the kids will do when I CRUELLY ABANDON THEM TO SAVE MY OWN SANITY (ha.)

It was really nice to feel like just a regular person, who doesn't have to wipe butts or boogers or get whined at all day, but it was wonderful yesterday morning when the kids woke up and we all climbed into bed and snuggled together. They seem to have grown ten times bigger in the days I was gone! Adam is starting to walk more and can cross an entire room on his own. Last night we went to Sara's Mock Rock event for Lighthouse, and Adam happily wandered around on his own two feet, mostly looking for Grizz. Ellie did some great dancing and was so excited when she got to see Sara up on stage (and then cried because she was "tired" when we offered for her to go dance with Auntie Sara.) I was glad that things weren't too crazy upon my return. Got the house cleaned somewhat, and the fridge restocked, and it feels like it's life as usual!

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