Monday, May 5, 2014


Big day today! Back to swim lessons at the YMCA! Ellie was so excited that she fought her nap about it (so, so helpful, that kid.) But she got up okay, put on her suit and robe, had a snack and we were on our way... arriving more than twenty minutes early. Yipes.

Thankfully, it gave Ellie a chance to get the lay of the land and see how things were going. It's basically a swim lesson conveyor belt, with a different group of kids every thirty minutes. Each instructor has 3-4 kids in their class, and they work with each kid individually on their big arms, their kicking and bubble blowing. Ellie got to use a kick board and practiced all of her kicking and paddling, and did a good job! No crying, not even when I had to go up to the office to ask a question. The biggest thing was keeping Adam entertained - thankfully I'd brought lots of snacks.

We're signed up to go twice a month through the end of June and then we'll reevaluate. I'd be willing to put her in private lessons if I thought she could be swimming independently by the end of the summer. Mostly, I'm just glad that I didn't have to pull her out of the pool, screaming and sobbing. She may be a ballet school drop out, but she's still my swimmy fish.

This is what pool time looks like in our yard lately. Last week when it was so hot this is how we spent our post-nap hours. Thank goodness for the back yard being in better shape.

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