Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Party.

Our little group of baby friends is not really made up of babies any longer, unless you count all of the little siblings who have joined the group in the past two years. And we were still missing three families and five more kids! It was nuts around here for a couple of hours - the kids dumped out basically every toy that Ellie owns, ate a ton of snacks, ran through the house like crazy people, and when it cooled down enough in the evening, they were all over everything in the back yard. Still, it's so fun, and I'm always glad to host. I love seeing Ellie enjoying her friends, and catching up with my mom friends. Sometimes, it's nice to know that your kid is a normal three year old, and not an overdramatic psycho.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am taking off for a weekend with MY girlfriends. We are all coming from around the US to reunite in Austin, Texas, where my friend Anne went for her MBA, and where she and her brother still co-own a house. The other three of us have never been to Austin, so I think it'll be a great time. Though I do feel for Anne - she is really tall and slender, and the other two girls are pregnant, so when I get blind drunk on freedom and also, booze drinks, she is going to have a hell of a time dragging me to bed by herself. This is the first time I've left both kids for more than a few hours (the longest was actually the day we buried Grandpa a few weeks ago.) I am sure Tim and Ellie will be fine, but I do worry a little bit about Adam. He's a good eater, and a generally easy going baby, but there are some times that he still just wants me. I hope this weekend is not one of those times. The grandmas are stepping in to help out, and Tim is a fabulous dad, so I guess the only thing I can do is enjoy myself. AND I SHALL.

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