Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Latest Ellie-isms

On Saturday night was Julia's confirmation. Tim went to the church for the ceremony, but I stayed back with the kids because they were napping when he left, and because I figured they'd be more trouble than they were worth (and I was right - the ceremony was almost two hours, with over 100 confirmants. It was for the best that we skipped.) We had a really nice time at the family dinner afterwards, and the kids were mostly good. When they started hitting the wall, I looked at my watch and realized it was a good half hour past their normal bed time. OOPS. Anyhow - in between her waking up and us leaving for dinner, I had her come in the kitchen with me to do a little baking. I know, so surprised. She's standing on her stool in a tee shirt, undies, and her bunny slippers. When we finished I asked "do you want to go get dressed?" and she looked at me like I was a moron and said "Mommy, I AM dressed." True, I guess a shirt is a piece of clothing.

I don't know if I shared this funny before - so while we were in Wisconsin, we had a lot of discussions about how Grandpa Howie was in heaven, but he was also in our heart. One night Tim was putting her down and they were having the "he's in your heart" talk, and she goes "but he's so big to fit in there!" And then the next morning she was sitting on her stool, having breakfast with Grandma Rosie, and she announced that Grandpa Howie was in her heart. Grandma Rosie agreed, and put her own hand over her heart, in the center of her chest. Ellie looked at her and goes "no, my heart is over here," and put it slightly to the right (where you heart actually is, anatomically.) She is all about the details! My other favorite Ellie moment was during the first hymn at the church, where she looks at me and goes "is this a dancing party?"

Speaking of dancing parties: here you go!

And here is Adam's recent musical contribution:

And fnally, let's take a poll: do we think A Howe needs his hair trimmed?

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  1. That was the best thing I've seen in at least a week. I enjoy the seamless blend of singing, talking nonsense, walking in circles, dramatic eye-closing, and headband adjustment. And the nametag on her back? So good.

    No haircut. Maybe a trim if it's in his eyes, but let it stay wild!