Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

It has been a good one! Adam got up at 6:30 (which is a half hour later than when he's been getting up normally, sadly) and even though usually he is my problem in the mornings, this morning I gave him back to Tim and got back in bed until almost 8. Then Ellie and Adam went and got bagels, and Ellie helped me get dinner and dessert prepped. She is my most helpful girl. Then I went to the gym and had some mom time, sweating to my oldies. 

Then it was time for brunch with Gigi (and Grizz, when he got back from golf.) Ellie was so excited to open presents with Gigi (though I think she'd already told Gigi about all of her gifts. Again, she's the most helpful girl) and she did an excellent performance of her favorite numbers from Frozen. We were all laughing hysterically at her dramatic renditions. I also think Gigi and Grizz were impressed with Tim and my duet of "Love is an Open Door" (sometimes Ellie sings it with Tim, and sometimes she gets salty about it because she's ELSA, not ANNA.) And you know, there's nothing more impressive that Ellie singing "Let it Go." 

Then while the kids napped, Gigi and I went to South Coast Plaza and perused consumer goods for sale. Even though we went into many a fancy store, the only things were purchased were sale goods at the Gap (hey, I can't argue with my favorite jeans on sale for twenty bucks!) I feel like I haven't had a day out with my mom, just she and I, in a very long time, and it was really, really nice. If only we'd had more room or time to go and booze it up a little. 

Thankfully, when I got home Mimi and Pa had just arrived... WITH CHAMPAGNE! They know how to treat a young mom right. The kids woke up from their naps and there were a few more performances from Frozen, and then we had dinner and played outside - Ellie got everyone into a good game of soccer, and then used one of her golf clubs as a baseball bat and Tim pitched to her.. just your basic delightful craziness. It was a really nice day with all of our family. 

I am a very, very lucky mom.

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