Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poop Show.

Dear Adam Howard: this is what happens when you poop through your clothes at Gigi's house on a day when your mom is a little frazzled and doesn't have a change of clothes for you in the diaper bag. I blame our travels. He looks good though, and was pretty happy once he got warmed up.

He was less happy when, while sharing the tub with Ellie, she dumped a cup full of water down his face. She was just trying to help!

Meanwhile, we have delved into the world of potty training, after Ellie got really excited about the discount Hello Kitty undies that Gigi bought for her. The first 12 hours were a bit of a crap show (har har) but since then she's been doing really well and is very excited about having Hello Kitty around. Today she walked into music class, hitched up her tutu skirt and screamed delightedly at Lexi "I HAVE UNDERPANTS!" Then later during music Lexi held Ellie's arm and said very seriously "you belong to me, you're my best friend." Kristen and I nearly cried. Those sweet girls.

Meanwhile, pictures from the wedding are beginning to filter in from the internet. Here are a few choice ones:
Doing some EXCELLENT dancing with my boyfriend

Break dance fighting with the bride.

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