Monday, July 22, 2013

Maiden Rock

Another good day around these parts. Adam was up early but went back to sleep, so the majority of us were asleep for the majority of the time until about 8:30 this morning. Can't complain too much about that (yes I can. Being on vacation with two little kids is exhausting!)

I did get to go for a quick run this morning though, which was great and much needed, and by the time we were all ready, Grandma was home and we set out towards Maiden Rock, where my Grandma Pat is buried. It's such a pretty drive, and so familiar to me after many childhood visits in summers past. We stopped in Nelson for lunch and had sandwiches and ice cream from the creamery. And I bought three bags of cheese curds, because I am hoping to cause my entire digestive system to shut down by mainlining cheese. DON'T JUDGE ME. The garlic curds are really good - highly recommend.

Then we drove through Pepin, Stockholm and Maiden Rock, and to keep Ellie from falling asleep I kept pointing out random houses and saying things like "there's Grandpa Charlie's old house, wave!" It might have been his house, so it's not like it was a total lie.

The cemetery was nice, as it always is. Very peaceful. Ellie was impressed with Grandma Pat's "pretty stone" and was interested in the fact that Grandma Pat had been tall like Gigi and Daddy. She also enjoyed eating the blackberries that grow on the edge of the plot, which I encouraged. It's what my grandma would want! I of course, also got eaten alive by mosquitos.

We drove home on the Minnesota side, which is not as pretty or exciting. Probably because there are more Vikings fans. Ellie fell asleep, and Adam woke up crying a half hour from home and I made the Sophie's Choice to let him cry so Ellie could nap a little longer. We had dinner tonight out at Famous Daves with everyone and tomorrow we're meeting Dave and Hailee for a swim at the fancy local pool. So many water slides!

And of couse, tomorrow I'm hoping to hit up ShopKo.

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