Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Small Accomplishments.

Oh, look who thinks he's people!

He is drooling like crazy lately, possibly because of teeth (they can start breaking through as early as 4 months. Ellie got her first two right at the six month mark.) He is also SO LOUD when he talks. I fear that I may have another early talker on my hands. There will be so many Muppet voices in my car!

He still hasn't rolled over back to belly, but he can go belly to back, and while on his back, he can pivot himself around. A couple of times I've gone to get him out of his crib and found him 180 degrees from where I put him. I guess a lot can happen when you're sleeping 9pm to 7am (best baby ever!)

We continue to prep for our trip. I probably won't pack until Friday night, but I have a packing list made. The nice thing is that we're mostly staying with family so I don't feel like I have to haul everything, and I can always run out and buy something if I forget it. Plus we can do laundry, so no need to pack the entire closet (now the question is how many striped shirts do I need to bring.) The biggest hassle is bringing car seats, and worrying about how we will ferry everyone through the airport. I'm sure it'll all be easier in a year or two when Adam can walk and Ellie can walk a little faster. Right now we're bringing both baby carriers so that I can wear Adam in the Moby and Tim can strap Ellie into the Ergo. We'll curb side check our bags and then just hope for the best. And maybe when we get to Lisa's house, I will go hide in the bathroom and cry for awhile. WHATEVER WORKS!

Thanks to her new owl suitcase, she's ready to go!

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