Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nothing Much.

Sorry I've been a bad blogger - not much exciting has been going on lately, and I've hardly taken any pictures. Just our usual routine - preschool, music class, play dates, hanging out with Gigi and Grizz and Sara in the afternoons, and beginning to mentally prepare for our trip to Wisconsin and Baja Wisconsin next week.

Adam's hair is starting to grow back in on top, and it's still brown. Hopefully by the time we get to Wisconsin, he'll have as much hair as Grandpa Howie again. He continues to be a generally sweet, mild mannered little guy. He keeps trying to roll but hasn't made it over yet, but he sure does love to lay around and chat with his toys. He is also IN LOVE with his sister and will gaze adoringly at her when she's around. I'm still his favorite though (as well I should be, with all of the eating he does.) He has gotten SO BIG! Today he was in the ergo and was sort of grousing and trying to stand up because his legs were tucked underneath him, and so I took him and put his legs out of the carrier, on either side of me, and he happily snuggled in and fell asleep. Ellie wasn't big enough to fit like that until she was seven months old or so. He's really not a newborn any more.

Ellie continues to be obsessed with him. She is seriously the sweetest big sister. In the morning, she wants to hold him first thing, and she likes to make sure to give him goodnight kisses. The only time it gets dicey is when she wants to hold his hand in the stroller, especially if he's already sleeping. However, when he wakes up and cries, she will sometimes put her fingers in her ears and complain to me about how loud he is. She is such a funny little thing - I don't know how the jealousy is going to go when he can actually compete with her for everyone's attention. She loves to tell us what we're all going to do and then end her tirade with "okay?" in this chipper little voice. Today she was trying to get everyone to take a turn reading her a Biscuit book and she told me "I can read it next, but I'm just going to look at the pages because I can't read yet. I'm too little." The other day when she was playing with her farm set I asked if I could have Farmer Grizz and she said "no, Grizz has to have him. You can't have him. It's Farmer Grizz, not Farmer Mommy." Her favorite thing lately is to practice cooking, and she's been asking me every morning if we can make pancakes. Making oatmeal is just not the same! We both wear our aprons, she stirs the batter and repeats after me when I tell her what we're adding "one cup of milk... now we need one cup of flour..." She is a great sous chef.

"I used to get to sit in her lap. Now there is no room for me, and no one reads me stories."

Her art is shrouded in mystery (har har har.)

"Yes, hello, I am a bald, drooly delight!"

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