Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The other night driving home from Mimi's, Ellie started doing some storytelling in the car, describing how the Big Mac Woof had gone to a slide, and there was a bunny, and the bunny had to TAKE. At first we didn't understand what she was saying, and then when I figured out she was pronouncing "big bad wolf" as Big Mac Woof, we kept asking her to say it over and over again, while we silently died with laughter. Her speech gets better every day, and it's sort of sad to hear her learn how to pronounce words. Gone are the days of oh-gir-duh, for sure. The thing that makes me laugh most now is how she sometimes says "beautiful" as bew-dee-ful. Especially when she talks about herself, and how bew-dee-ful she is with her pigtails or her tutu skirt. And I love the random stories she tells. She's prone to a little fibbing now and then to try to get her way - she'll tell me that Gigi lets her walk in the street at the YMCA, and she's told Gigi that her mommy needs her to do something (like eat candy) that Gigi knows is untrue. She loves to test boundaries, that kid!

Adam has been sleeping well in his crib at night, though day time naps are still hit or miss. It's just frustrating when he won't stay asleep for more than 20 minutes, but I am told that it can be common for breastfed babies who sleep through the night to cat nap during the day, basically so they can keep their eating on schedule. I also suspect that we are having a growth spurt right now. He's in mostly 6 month clothes, which amazes me. Ellie was always big, but she was never that far ahead in terms of her wardrobe sizes. She wasn't in six month stuff until she was almost six months! What can I say, he's a fatty! I just live in terror of having another baby who only wants to nap while being held, though I know I won't let that happen a second time. Even if I spend an hour rocking him and putting him back down, he WILL sleep in his damn bed! And on some level, I can't complain about his desire to sleep in the moby wrap - it means I can get out and do so much more.

It's amazing though how much I can love a fat bald guy who sucks his thumb.

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