Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby Fish Mouth.

Since Tim has the day off today, and Sara had a late start to work, we were invited to go over to mom and dad's for an early morning swim (10am!) Sadly, it's not terribly warm out today, but mom fired up the spa (aka Gigi's pool) and we decided to see how Adam did in his first real dip.

I bought him a suit when he was a few weeks old, thinking that he'd wear it closer to the end of the summer. It's six month sized, and the truth is he'll probably outgrow it before the pool closes for the season. BEEFCAKE. Maybe I should check to see what size Ellie's bear suit is, ha.

He was a gem in the water, liked splashing around and kicked his legs when we put him on his tummy. His favorite though seemed to be laying on his back. Observe:

Everyone floating!

Ellie was very enthralled by having a swim buddy. Perhaps a little too enthralled at points, as she wanted to hold him and have him swim with her.
He is not 100% on the idea!

Overall, he was a great little fish, and should be jumping off the back wall of the pool with Ellie before we know it. He got a quick sink bath and then passed out for a cat nap in the fun cage. When he woke up, I fixed what little hair he has left into a fetching style.

He is welcome.

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