Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We made it! The four hour drive took us closer to seven hours (11am to 6pm) but such is traveling with little kids. Stopped for lunch, got everyone fed and changed, pulled back onto the highway and heard some music from the back seat. Butt music, if you catch my drift. Back off the highway to do diaper changes in a creepy abandoned gas station's parking lot. We did get to have Culvers twice though, so I shouldn't complain. And we got a chance to stop by and see Kate's house, which was lovely. I have also managed to get a lot of reading done in the car, and have finally trained Ellie to say "another song please" instead of whining "I don't like this song!" when she hears a Miss Elena song that doesn't meet her liking. I AM SO SICK OF MISS ELENA SONGS.

The kids were both good travelers though, other than ill timed pooped. Ellie is content to look out the window or read a book, and only spent a little time playing on the tablet. Tim and I were feeling pretty smug the other night - we let her play the Monkey Game on her way to Famous Daves, and then we considered letting her play with it at dinner, since it was late and she was already on the feisty side, but we decided we didn't want to have "that kid." She was remarkably well behaved through dinner, and we felt quite accomplished, especially because next to us were two grade school aged boys who didn't look up from their game boys the whole meal, despite their mom nagging them.

We're sad to say goodbye to Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Howie and everyone else in La Crosse, but ready to get some wedding fun happening! We managed to meet up with everyone for dinner, and Ellie very proudly showed off her new sparkly gold wedding shoes. Tomorrow is flower prep, pedicures (thank heavens!) and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Our little apartment here is nice, and I'm happy to not have Adam in the same room with us. And we'll get to be reunited with Gigi soon! Who doesn't love Gigi?

My grandparents and their little namesakes

Snuggle buddies

Culvers stop #1

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