Monday, July 22, 2013

La Crosse

We made it here safely yesterday afternoon, after a stop for Culvers and a stop for snacks (both necessitated by Adam waking up and screaming in the back seat.) The kids have been remarkably good travelers and decent sleepers - Adam is not giving us the kind of easy overnight rest that we get at home, but a 6-7 hour block is nothing to sniff at, especially as he's fighting a cold, in a new place, and working reeeeeeeeally hard on rolling over (made it 90% of the way this morning, but then was content to lay and suck on his hand instead of pulling his head up.)

We had dinner last night with the whole family, which was great. Ellie and Hailee get along like gangbusters, and everyone was impressed with Adam's ability to just lay around and enjoy the crowd. Today we're heading to Maiden Rock, and then out to dinner. Tomorrow there's plans for a morning at the pool and then perhaps visiting Hailee's new puppy and her bunny rabbit. All the things Ellie loves!

Adam meeting Grandpa Charlie

Ellie gardens at Lisa's

Kids table

The Howie babies. Adam was quite content to snuggle with his great grandpa

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