Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Day in La Crosse

We had a great time at the pool this morning, though I must admit, it makes me feel old that David and I are at the pool chaperoning our kids, when it feels like not that long ago we were asking Grandma for money to go to the pool in Holmen. The new Erickson pool is really great - the wading area is really large and only gets to about 2 feet deep, with lots of sprayers and fountains that Ellie loved. She went down the water slide a couple of times with me, and like the fearless girl she is, threw herself in the deep end before I could stop her (she quickly surfaced and I pulled her out.)

We also went to ShopKo this morning, where she got some glittery gold Mary Janes for Becca's wedding. As we left, she said "oh, I like ShopKo" and I have never been more proud. The big highlight of the day was going over to Hailee's house and seeing her bunny rabbit and her new puppy. What could be better? Grandpa came home for dinner tonight and we'll see him tomorrow before we hit the road back to Chicago. Hopefully the kids will continue to be good travelers. Ellie has slept better than I anticipated, given that falling asleep has been such a nightmare at home this past month or so, and Adam continues to be his good natured self, though this morning he was awake and wanted to eat at 4:30 and he was hungry at 5:15 the day before.

From our visit to Maiden Rock

Reading with Grandma Rosie

The little Packer fan snuggles with his great grandma

Everyone snuggles with Auntie B

Rabbit time!

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