Thursday, August 1, 2013

Four Months.

Another thing that happened while we were out of town is that Adam turned four months old. Yes, he is wearing the same outfit in these pictures as he was wearing when he turned three months. It's his fancy outfit, and he was dressing for the rehearsal dinner.

Today was his four month check up - he's 50th percentile for height (25 inches) and weight (15 pounds) and his head is in the 95th percentile, no surprise there. He's hitting all of his mile stones and flashed the doctor a huge smile. Lately his favorite thing is hooting at his toys, drooling, and rolling around but not quite rolling over (most of the time - occasionally he'll do it, but usually when no one is watching. Like today when he was screaming in his crib and I found him angrily on his stomach, facing the opposite way from how I'd laid him down.) He laughs every morning when we pull his shirt over his head, which is super cute to me, and he saves his biggest smiles for me and his sister. Still will sleep well on the go in the Ergo, which is more comfortable than the Moby now that he weighs so much.

We're getting on a more regular schedule for naps, and I am so thankful that if he's tired and fed, he will sometimes soothe himself to sleep by sucking his thumb. Once it falls out, he's done with it, which makes me hope that he won't be a compulsive thumb sucker until he's forty years old.

He's really just a generally content little dude. Loves to snuggle, likes to stand and chat with you, doesn't mind if you lay him in his play mat while doing things around the house. Yesterday he laid on the bed and cooed loudly at the fan while I folded laundry.

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