Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pearls and Curls.

Ellie really enjoys anything that allows her to be like mama, as many little girls do. She likes when we wear our matching jean skirts, she likes wearing nail polish, she likes helping me put on make up (she especially likes curling her eyelashes.) Well, you cannot believe how thrilled she was the other day when I told her she could wear one of my pearl necklaces, just like me. She's been wearing it basically nonstop since, though she has paused to allow Lexi to take a turn (an actual turn even! Not one of those two second turns that ends with Ellie screaming and trying to rip back whatever she was "sharing.")

This morning despite the hot temps, I went out front to do some yard work, by which I mean the annual cutting down of all the invasive saplings on our hillsides. Any yard work that requires a hack saw is a little much, but I actually sort of enjoy it.

Ellie enjoyed it too. Especially because she looks so fabulous.

Mama, you made a big mess

And of course, please note that she's rocking her sparkle shoes too. The most fabulous, helpful of girls.

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