Monday, August 26, 2013

Paddling Pool.

We had a low key weekend around here. Mimi and Pa took Ellie off our hands Saturday morning and kept her overnight (hooray!) so we had a relatively easy time managing our one, easy going baby. I did what anyone would do when they had some down time - I scrubbed my house! Who doesn't love a freshly vacuumed couch? (the cats don't, that's who.)

Before supper, when our backyard had gotten a little shady and cool, we pulled out the wading pool and went for a swim. At first, Ellie was content to just splash around and pour tea by herself, but then she asked if Adam could come in too. He'd been giving the water a hard stare, so I said sure.

He thought it was a pretty good deal.

Even when Ellie and her "bunny tail" squirted him. Please note that he is not sitting in the pool because he refuses to sit when he could be standing. I guess that's why they call it a wading pool.


And speaking of bunny tails, here is what happens when we go to buy cat food.

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