Thursday, August 22, 2013

All Growned!

It was a momentous morning! Ellie woke up dry after a full 24 hours in underwear, and we declared that she is DONE WITH DIAPERS! She is so proud of herself, and I am so proud of her. It seems like such a big, grown up thing, and today she was my big grown up girl, especially with all of her hair in a pony tail to go swimming. What happened to my chubby little baby? Who is this long legged Muppet?

Also sort of mind blowing - the other day I fell down the rabbit hole of watching old videos on my computer, and found one of Ellie and Lexi at the summer concert series in the park in Dana Point. Please to observe this video from last weekend:

And compare these two ladies to last year:

LOOK AT THEM! So pudgy and cute. And this was back when Ellie referred to Lexi as "baby La."

One last funny thing: so, when I was desperate for Ellie to show some interest, any interest in potty training, I told her that when she was big enough to use the toilet, she'd be big enough to start holding Thor. She has remarked on it since (in fact, the other day in a store told me that some grade school aged girl probably pooped in the potty, and so probably got to hold her kitties) but thankfully for Thor, she hasn't gone after him. He's the only one she could probably haul around (though mom also told her she could hold Petunia. If she could hoist her.) Ellie has been smart enough to not show any interest in picking up Lulu. It's the quickest way to earn a good facial scar.

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