Friday, August 16, 2013


Potty training is going well around our house - so well in fact that we are attempting nap times in undies (lord help me, and my washing machine.) Last night Tim went to see a movie with his boyfriends, so I took the kids to the mall. It's a cheap date - Ellie loves the escalator, the play area and running around like a chicken with her head cut off. PERFECT. We got dinner at the food court and then visited two different bathrooms a total of four times on our way out. At one point I'm holding her on the toilet as she uses it and chatters at me, and I look down and Adam has woken up in the Ergo and is giving me the most enormous, delighted smile. I mean, who wouldn't be excited? My life is so glamorous.

THEN I got both kids bathed and in bed by 9pm. I am the best! I have started putting Adam in his little tub inside the big tub with Ellie because he likes to kick wildly and splash half the water out, then squinch around so that it's hard to wash him. Trying to get all his rolls soaped and rinsed is like trying to put a buttered cat inside a corset dress.

They are both getting so big so fast. Adam is rolling over really well now - he gets his second arm out easily and then is pretty happy on his tummy. At nap times he cries for a minute, then flips himself and is generally out. It's so different than when Ellie was that age (let us not talk about her naps. It is a painful memory! A series of painful memories, really.) I find it especially rewarding that he's starting to look for me and smile at me across the room.

We started putting him in his exersaucer this week, and he really enjoys it. He's actually tall enough to put his feet down, and so he scoots around and grabs his toys and looks startled when they make noise at him. Today while I cleaned the bathroom I put him in the exersaucer in front of our bedroom mirror and he was just delighted to watch handsome mirror baby chew on some items. Ellie likes playing with him in the exersaucer too.

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