Monday, August 5, 2013


This weekend we went down to the San Diego area to see a friend of mine from college who is in town from Europe with her husband and new little baby. Ellie insisted on wearing her flower girl dress, and who am I to stop her? She was delighted with the house and the swing that Katrina's parents have in their lovely back yard. My little elfin girl. She has been so funny lately - she told me the other morning that she "really appreciated" me helping her make pancakes, and reminded me that when I'm at the oven, I need to wear my "clubs" so that I don't burn my hands. And when we drive, she will sometimes point out how big and bumpy the "screenbumps" are. And of course, she loves being Adam's "big stister."

The rolling over is in full force lately, for better or for worse. Sometimes he gets so angry, and then the other day he rolled over in his crib and I found him with his butt in the area, his lovey under his chest and his thumb in his mouth. It's so fun to see him turn from a blob into a baby. He loves his toys and can reach for them and chew on them and all of that good stuff - it's nice to see him play after so many months of me putting stuff in his car seat with him and nothing happening. He's also found his feet, and so spends a lot of time trying to cram them into his mouth. He shares that with trait with Ellie. Not Ellie at four months, but Ellie at almost three. I know it's not fair, but I let him stuck his tooties in his piehole, and holler at her when I catch her trying to chew her toenails in the car.

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