Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mini Me

It's no secret that part of the reason Ellie and I butt heads so much is that we're very similar, sometimes in the worst ways - bossy, whiny, petulant, impatient. I'm sure Gigi could think of ten more adjectives to list, ha! But sometimes, she is so fun to have as a mini me. Today I went to the gym in the morning, and when I came home Ellie started crying and said she had to take a shower with me because she was stinky. She wasn't actually stinky, but I humored her and gave up my private shower time to bathe with my little exhibitionist. She didn't even wash herself, she just stood under the spray and gabbed at me (another way in which we are the same. NEVER STOP TALKING.)

I got dressed while she ran around the house in her undies, and then when I went to feed Adam, Tim got her dressed. She came out and proudly told me "I'm wearing my jean skirt just like you!" Oh my heart, she is so cute.

Tim and I brought the kids over to Mimi and Pa's so we could go out for a hot date. We saw a movie, bought a bunch of $5 CDs at Best Buy and had a lovely dinner, all using gift cards! FREE HOT DATE! Then we went to the grocery store and got a little cake for my early birthday celebration with those crazy Fockers. When we got back Ellie was out front riding her bike, but she quickly decided she could come in for cake and a cookie (the cookie said happy birthday, we had to buy it.)

Sometimes, having her as my mini me is really fun. Especially when I encouraged her to just go at the frosting on the top of the cake with her fork. Raising a little hellion is fun! (sometimes.)

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