Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today's Trip to the Park

Apparently, it was TOTALLY BORING. Ugh. I am clearly a big mean mom.

My friend Lauren came down from LA today to get some baby hugging time in. The last few times she's been here, she's had to share her love of the baby, but today we had a couple hours of just Meg, Lauren and Elizabeth time. Tim went to go see a movie with his little boyfriends, and so we hung out, made dinner and then walked to the park.

We got home to meet with Grandma and Grandpa, who came over for dinner with everyone. It was quite the party AND Grandpa got to hold Elizabeth for more than ten seconds. That's right, Grandma stepped back and let him do some baby snuggling. It was VERY cute, and he even got her to laugh a couple of times.

Ellie fell asleep during dinner so we all got to eat and talk. She was not in a good mood when she woke up, so we had to kick everyone out and get ready for bedtime.

BREAKTHROUGH: Missy rolled over for the first time in her own house, and she didn't even require one of us to jangle a toy loudly in her face. THEN we practiced a little sippy cup time, which we keep doing in hopes that someday, like Annie Sullivan pouring water into Helen Keller's hands, she will suddenly realize that her favorite food is coming from the plastic cup and start actually drinking from it. The sippy has been better than the bottle, but she still hasn't really drank from it. Until tonight. All of a sudden she was sucking back milk , until the level got too low to hit the valve of the cup. I am so excited! My little lady is getting so big so fast! I might finally get to leave her for more than three hours!

Next week at mommy class they're having a nutritionist come in and talk to all of us whose babies are getting ready to start solids. We may start next weekend - stay tuned!

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