Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We had quite the day today - after another night of poor sleep and then a late sleep in, which is more annoying to me than helpful - we went to swim class as usual, only this week Auntie Sara came and got to be in charge of supervising the swimming. She did a great job, and Ellie had a fun time, as usual.

Afterwards we had lunch with the girls, and then she slept in her stroller while we walked to the library. Auntie Sara saved the day again by pushing the sleeping baby in laps around the library so she wouldn't walk up.

Then tonight after Tim got home we had another big first - her first meal of solid food. I've been reading up about solids and thinking about solids and wondering when the right time for solids is for about the past month or so. We thought we were going to wait two more weeks until she was exactly six months, but her changes in sleep and her eating has led us to believe that it was time to start. So we got her some oatmeal cereal and mixed her up a little meal today. She did okay! Not too sure about it at the start, but by the end she was pretty happily accepting the spoon and chowing down, providing she could also have her fingers in her mouth at the same time. We're starting slow, so we'll see how it goes.

And now, a whole bunch of photos:
Swimming with Auntie Sara!

Getting her little face dunked.

Last night, Lulu helped us test out the high chair.

"Hmm... this is pretty okay, I guess."

"Daddy, does this mean we're big people together?"

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