Monday, April 18, 2011

So Much To Say!

This may be the longest, most content-stuffed entry of this entire blog. Such a busy, fun weekend!

Let's start with the baby. She had her six month well baby checkup this morning. And true to form, she embarrassed me with her excrement at the doctors. You know how she is - she pees on the scale. She drops a load just as I'm about to take her diaper off to put her on the scale. And today, she blew through her outfit while in her carseat. I took her out because she was fussy, and was holding her while paying my copay, and thought to myself "how did you get drool on your back?" That's not drool Meg. That's poop. The office staff was like, "oh, do you have an outfit, do you have wipes?" Yes, I'm a mom. I have all of that. But since you can't put a poopy diaper in the trash at the doctors, I had to get a baggie so I could seal up her shame. It was an ugly, ugly mess.

Then I figured we'd only have a few minutes to wait before heading to the exam room, so I just kept her in her (new, clean) diaper. Turns out, we had to wait for a half hour, so I'm sure everyone else who came in thought I was some kind of yokel. I couldn't even afford cut off overalls for my baby!

But the visit went well. Elizabeth is 26 inches long, 17 lbs, 14.5 oz and in the 75th percentile across the board. The doctor encouraged us to start her on real solids but was impressed with her weight gain and good growth curve. I feel pretty proud that I'm part of the slim 13% of American women who are still exclusively nursing at the 6 month mark, and that she's thrived so well because nursing was a huge uphill battle through the first three months. The doc said that it wasn't surprising that Ellie wasn't rolling much - big babies are later to the party, but she's completely on track. I won't see them for another three months, so it was nice to get all of my questions answered and get a pat on the back for rearing my chillens.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Grams and Grandma Rosie and Gramps, doing a little relaxing, doing a little fussing, and taking a nice long nap to try to work through her vaccinations. Grandma and I also went and got matching manis while Ellie was taking a brief nap. We had a great dinner and Grandma Rosie got to give her little lady a few more hugs before we headed out.

Now. Back to yesterday. Yesterday was the reason for Grandma Rosie's whole visit. Sara was Special Olympics of Southern California's Athlete of the Year and received the Betty Award. The event was that the Disneyland Hotel, and we left Missy Moo with her Ford grandparents and escaped for a baby-free night of celebrating Sara Audrey. It was such a fun evening! Sara was part of the Parade of Olympians, and then she joined us for dinner before being introduced by Olympic Gold Medalist Rafer Johnson, who has been instrumental in bringing Special Olympics to Southern California and supporting its programs over the years. He's also a Bruin, and perhaps the sweetest man I've ever met. Part of Sara's presentation included a video about her life and her participation in Special Olympics, which you can see below.

Sara was nominated by Coach Tim for being a team player and all around awesome girl, and we were so, so proud to see her accept her award. She gave a great speech, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when she was done.

Sara getting her award.

Sara with Rafer, and Ed, the CEO of Special Olympics, who stepped in when she got a little choked up.

Dad, mom, Coach Tim, Sara, Tim's cousin Mike who was a Green Bay Packer, and Jay, who sang "What a Wonderful World" during the show.

Rafer took about 85 pictures with our goofy family, because he is the nicest man ever.

All of the Thiels at the end of the night, proud as proud can be.

Tim and I got home around nine. Grandpa and Grandma were holding down the fort well, and didn't seem too traumatized by their evening with Ellie (who of course, refused to eat her cereal or drink much of her milk. Naughty naughty!)

No big plans for the rest of the week, but swim class fun tomorrow!

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