Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Baby sleep is a funny thing. It's so easy to obsess about. It's so annoying to think about. Everyone has an opinion when it's going poorly, as though there is a sure fire "make your baby sleep through the night" trick that you just haven't tried. If only - if there was a trick, wouldn't someone patent it and make a fortune? But there's not, so the best we can do is just try to keep ourselves as well rested and close to sanity as possible, especially since I'm not willing to dump her in her crib and let her wail until she falls asleep, or vomits on herself (she'd do the second before she'd do the first, most likely.) She started sleeping through the night with no prompting from us, I know she can do it again. Without any of the crazy tricks people have suggested.

I also love when people say "just sleep when the baby sleeps." Noted. I will pull over on the freeway and go to sleep when she falls asleep in her car seat. Or maybe I'll cram myself into the stroller with her during walk time, just to get a few quick z's. The best I can currently hope for is that when she falls asleep in my lap nursing during the early afternoon, that I can get comfortable and drift off with her (because lord knows, she wakes up and screams the second I try to move her most days. It's easier to just sit and veg.)

All this to say... SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT! There was a little fussing at 11pm, but then we didn't hear from her until almost 7. It was one of those things where we heard her over the monitor and looked at the clock and then looked at each other, like, "did she sleep? Did you get up with her last night? Did *I* get up with her last night?" And then she even napped during our walk (which to be honest, is a bigger deal to me than sleeping through the night. I can get up and feed her at night, on problem. It's when I've had a long night and then have to carry her on my walk that I want to give up on this whole deal. Mama needs a little quiet time.) I was sure that she was building up some baby karma to get back at me, but the whole day went smoothly! She didn't even poop through her diaper and on to my arm or anything! What a good little muffin.

Maybe she will do it again tonight.

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