Friday, April 15, 2011


It's been a rather rough week around here. Missy Moo is apparently going through another growth spurt. She's been up at irregular times, she's been fussy during the day, and there are moments when I'm so sleep deprived and tired and sick of the screaming that I just want to lay down in a ditch. Thankfully, mom and dad live nearby, so I just go and lay at the bottom of the pool until they poke me with the pool strainer (just kidding. They just let me lay there, because they are so busy snuggling the baby.) Wednesday morning, I felt crazy insane with exhaustion and frustration. That afternoon we stopped by mom and dad's since knitting was canceled, and while watching mom hold Elizabeth I thought "holy crap! She is visibly bigger than she was yesterday!" Growth spurt indeed.

Her schedule is still pretty hit or miss, but we're working with it and hoping that some morning, we'll wake up and it'll be 7am again and we've slept for hours on end. She's just changing all of the time though, in many ways. For instance: since she was three or four weeks old, the only way we can get her to fall asleep is for Tim to lay her down on his chest and let her suck his finger and fuss and fart until she finally passes out and can be moved to her crib. She never took a paci, so our finger was the next best thing. And since at that point, I was nursing her for two hours at a stretch, I certainly wasn't volunteering my finger for her usage. But last night, Tim got her to fall asleep by just rocking her, no finger. Same thing when she woke up at 2am tooting. And someday, we'll be able to just lay her down in her crib and have her go to sleep. Or so I keep telling myself. Or at the very least, she'll go to college and falling asleep will be her own damn problem.

Anyhow. We did some serious hanging out and mom and dad's house tonight because GRANDMA ROSIE IS IN TOWN! What a lucky baby Ellie is, to get to hang with her great grandma three times in six months. And thankfully, Ellie is much less of a crabby loser this time around. When Grandma Rosie was here last time, Ellie was still crying if anyone other than Tim or I held her, and basically crying nonstop from 6pm until bedtime. She was a real treat, and a great dinner guest. Tonight, we got stuff like this:

Plus, not pictured: Ellie sitting pretty happily on the table in her bumbo with a rattle on one foot and a ring on the other through the majority of meal time. And prior to that, plenty of happy time laying on the floor, hanging out with her toys.

She also hung with her Gramps a little too. From this view, she can still stare at her best friend ever - the ceiling fan.

Okay, enough rambling. Sleep when the baby sleeps!

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