Friday, April 29, 2011

And so it Begins.

Friday, mommy class yay! It was a small class, but most of the babies were Ellie's usual crew of pals. It's so fun to watch the babies now that they're more than wailing little lumps. They're finally starting to notice one another and even play together a little. Witness the following:

This is Elizabeth and her little buddy Lexi, sharing a little quality time with Sophie the giraffe. Originally, the two girls each had part of Sophie in their mouths, like Lady and the Tramp. Sophie really gets around. It's just cute to see them interacting. Lexi's mom Kristen and I came to our first mommy class on the same day - Ellie was 17 days old, Lexi was 27 days old. And now, they are both big sitting up girls, who babble to themselves in their own secret baby language. So fun! Technically, they are each other's oldest friend.

Tomorrow we're hosting a BBQ for all of the moms, dads and babies. Ellie can't wait to share drool with even more friends!

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